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Lieutenant Governor Sheila Oliver Says Discussion of Property Taxes , “perpetuate divisiveness”

photo Lieutenant Governor Sheila Y. Oliver

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Trenton NJ, ‘All I heard from Ciattarelli and Allen are property taxes,’ Lieutenant Governor Sheila Y. Oliver said. ‘That comes up in every election I’ve ever participated in for the past 40, 50 years. We are going to move New Jersey forward and include everyone and not perpetuate divisiveness.’ Sound like a round about way of saying “shut up and pay” .

Perpetuate divisiveness? Yes Lieutenant Governor  some people in New Jersey still have jobs and work for a living. “Perpetuate divisiveness”, seems to imply that some people are not paying property taxes ?

Gubernatorial candidates from both parties usually put forth detailed property-tax plans, however impractical, but calling the the enormous tax burden in New Jersey divisive , shows an off the scale cluelessness .

No surprise coming from the  “if taxes are your issue this may not be your state,” Governor .  Former State Senator Diane Allen retorted in the Lieutenant Governor debate  . ‘It is my issue and this is my state.’ Mine too. And between now and Nov. 2, I hope Murphy finally gives us some idea if he agrees with his running mate that addressing it is too divisive.”

10 thoughts on “Lieutenant Governor Sheila Oliver Says Discussion of Property Taxes , “perpetuate divisiveness”

  1. All lies and bullshit from this administration on taxes same every election than after the election it’s businesses as usual high taxes

  2. She’s correct as to their attitude.

    As a taxpayer, your job is to SHUT UP and PAY.

  3. This woman finds a way to falsely classify everything as “divisive”.
    She seems to have a chip on her shoulder. Must be great fun being in the same room with her and arrogant Phil Murphy.

  4. Here’s how the world works:
    – 50% of population are stuck in a gutter, 40% work and 10% are upper middle class.
    – 40% try to separate themselves from 50%, who cling to perception of respectability by moving into subsidized housing where 50% live.
    – 10% want to separate themselves from 50% and 40% because they are “intellectuals.” They raise property taxes and prices in their area so much that no one else moves in.
    Sheila is paid to keep this system going. The day 50% would accept the bums and 10% accept the workers, the system will change. But such day never came in the history of mankind. Not anywhere in the world. And not NJ.

  5. “That comes up in every election I’ve ever participated in for the past 40, 50 years. ” 40, 50! years and she still hasn’t fixed it? Such hubris.

  6. She makes Maxine Waters sound smart. And that’s not easy to do.

  7. If you disagree with me then leave the state. Doesn’t take too many of the 10% leaving to make the state completely insolvent. Ain’t no cure for stupid

  8. Murphy and Oliver have 2 defences for running NJ further into the ground, and 2 only: It’s Trump’s fault, and you’re a racist.

  9. And yet…
    You live in Ridgewood.

  10. If she think she’s gonna run for governor dream on

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