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Rowan University Host 2nd Feisty Gubernatorial Debate

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Trenton NJ, In their second, and final, debate before voters decide the New Jersey governor’s race in three weeks, Democratic Gov. Phil Murphy and Republican challenger Jack Ciattarelli on Tuesday night traded barbs over COVID-19 vaccines and mask policies,  and school funding. The hour-long event at Rowan University in Glassboro was a feisty affair , with the candidates cutting each other with sharp retorts and the audience frequently butting in with applause, boos, and shouts.

Bob Hugin, Chairman of the New Jersey Republican Party released the following statement regarding this evening’s gubernatorial debate: “Tonight, we saw Phil Murphy once again dodge his record and attempt to deflect responsibility for his many failures of leadership. The bottom line is this: Murphy is the only person on the stage tonight whose policies contributed to the deaths of thousands of seniors and veterans and whose lockdowns led to the demise of a third of New Jersey’s small businesses.By contrast, Jack offered a way forward. We have an opportunity to change course and become a state where businesses can thrive and families can afford to stay together. The “Most Powerful Governor in America” may have not had a check on his power trip for the past four years, but this November, New Jersey voters will finally put an end to the madness.”

4 thoughts on “Rowan University Host 2nd Feisty Gubernatorial Debate

  1. The cherry on top with whipped cream was at the end of the debate when Murphy continued to lie and then mumbled some garbage about the Confederate flag in New Jersey (an outright lie) to which the highly insulted bipartisan audience massively booed Murphy and LIAR, go home Murphy was shouted by some. Murphy looked stunned but he deserved the put downs. He must have been desperate at the end of the debate and the audience wasn’t having anymore of his arrogance.

    Apparently, Murphy also lied early on in the debate when he tossed off a news report (and an online photo that was removed before the debate) of an unmasked Murphy and his unmasked party goers from Essex County at a recent “equality ball” in Asbury Park. Jack called attention to this and Murphy tossed off “nice try” in a weak attempt to deny his recent unmasked indoor party. Everybody wear a mask except for Murphy and his buddies? Hmmm. Not good governing.

    The audience was also none too pleased when Murphy’s abortion in the ninth month which can be performed by other than an MD plan was raised. Boo, boo! Was loudly heard.

    Jack said he is not opposed to abortion up to the fifth month and he doubts that Roe vs Wade will be overturned by the Supreme Court but if it is NJ will still honor Roe vs Wade. But no abortions in the ninth month or performed by other than an MD. The audience applauded Jack.

    It was an interesting debate and very telling when Murphy was nearly booed off the stage at the end of the debate by the bipartisan audience.

    My family is voting for Jack (and voting for Republican NJ State Senators as well).

  2. Zero coverage on this.

  3. Murphy was obviously race baiting with his totally out of logic Confederate flag comment at the debate.
    It was a debate regarding NJ…not some deep southern state.
    Murphy should be ashamed of himself. The bipartisan audience let him have it with jeers of “liar” and boos when Murphy pulled out his Confederate flag comment.

    Idiotic of Murphy to try and win an election by insulting the good hearted, hard working people of NJ.

    And the mainstream media, as usual, let this slide by.

  4. Can you say dirty politics. They’re all dirty just have different ways.

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