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Man dies after driving onto live wires in Franklin Lakes off Rout 208

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photo from WABC TV

March 8,2018
the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Franklin Lakes NJ, a downed live wire ignites car leaving a man dead after authorities say he drove his car around a barricade and onto live wires .The vehicle erupted in flames on Summit Avenue and Route 208 in Franklin Lakes just before 9 a.m.

Responding officers arrived finding a vehicle fully engulfed, with a live power line lying in the roadway near the vehicle.The driver was pronounced dead at the scene. He has not been positively identified.

The fire totally gutted the vehicle.The investigation is ongoing. Downed power lines remain a major problem in the wake of the region’s second nor’easter in a week.

16 thoughts on “Man dies after driving onto live wires in Franklin Lakes off Rout 208

  1. I drove around 2 unattended barriers this morning…

  2. This is sickening. I thought the rubber tires protected you. I guess not. Couldn’t he have gotten out of the car? Did it explode?

  3. From what I seen in the storm emergency services did not put out enough of cones and barricades that’s their duty and responsibility to put crew members at those locations that are dangerous. I know they had a lot of locations to attend but someone needs to take responsibility either police fire emergency services utility companies department of public works someone should be at all these “locations If the wires are hot, of course upper management will come back and say well that’s gonna cost money overtime don’t care I want to hear bullshit, safety first.

  4. 6:33 the driver that drove around the cones took responsibility.

  5. Ridgewood Taxpayer.. You do lurch into the truth now and then. Yes this guy went around a marked area. What a deadly mistake. In enough water, a spark and a leak can do this in no time…

  6. Hey 6:33! You and I know nothing about this situation. You might want to consider personal responsibility, before blaming others for this tragedy. Be careful out there you sound the type who might drive around barriers.

  7. Darwin Award nominee

  8. pesmith I got sucked into truth telling by 6:33, who expects magic by government and is probably a chronic complainer.. Apparently 6:33 thinks a couple more cones would have prevented this tragedy.

  9. In the past they used to use personnel from the fire department, Police Department, emergency services, and at times other agencies to prevent things like this happening. That was in the past in the village of Ridgewood taxpayers. People at times do not have common sense . So taxpayers what you are saying is if you’re at a beach with your family and there are sharks close to the beach should you just look at the color next to the lifeguard, no that’s why the Coast Guard beach patrol are looking in keeping swimmers away from the sharks because it’s deadly

  10. Please think before responding in such a headless manner. This wonderful man was a loving husband and caring father.

  11. Please think before responding in such a headless manner. This wonderful man was a loving husband and caring father.

  12. What is shocking is that the guy was an electrician. He would most certainly have known of the dangers.
    New newsreport says he got out of the car and tried to move the wire. Of course this is what FLPD is claiming. His father (who lives in Franklin Lakes, and whose driver he was coming to shovel) says the cones were put up after the fact.
    Either way, it is quite a tradgedy. He leaves behind a wife and three little kids. I really wish people were not so mean on these forums, at least for the family that lost a loved one in horrific circumstances just this morning.

  13. This is classic. No one wants to accept responsibility for their own actions. If you move a barracaid in order to get around it, you do so at your own risk and any consequences are yours and yours alone. I feel sorry for the man’s family.

  14. There’s more going on to be inside. Do you know how many barricades in gods were blown over from the wind. These lightweight cones and barricades are not working, I’ve been on before department and a neighboring town quite some many years they need to come up with the new operating system. Some saying that Emergency manpower was a problem.

  15. Send me a people have your head up your ass . This is not just about going around the traffic cone or a barricade. Did you see for yourself the location it’s not shut your mouth. Many traffic cones barricades have been alone to the side of the road from the win jackasses, so I’m locations they put out emergency tape. Some locations in other towns had fire department personnel blocking dangerous locations with your own car. Informing motorists they cannot pass. This way of doing things is not working anymore the traffic cones are lightweight rubber or plastic, the new barricades are not wood they are a lightweight cheap plastic that a baby and push them over, and for that emergency safety tape that’s OK but when another tree branch falls down usually knocks over the tape to the ground. So that all technology is all garbage not working. Just remember there’s people once the top of the shoes and know that a Powerlines came down it’s their responsibility for safety. Just like when a man I was missing in the road and they put a cone in you hit it and blowout get tired to damage your car guess what The town that you’re in is responsible. And the story and come back with some kind of bullshit

  16. Warning, some of these cones are NOT just lightweight rubber or plastic. We had one kicked in front of us by the car ahead on the NY thruway and there was no room to either stop or change lanes. It punched a hole in the radiator and tore several parts, leaving us with a bill well over $800 (and the insurance company said it would be even more expensive.)

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