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Melanie Hooban has always advocated for reasonable development and has a proven track record of working to protect Ridgewood’s small-town charm

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Ridgewood NJ, Village Council candidate Melanie Hooban lays out here strong commitment to the Village of Ridgewood in a new video:

“I am a lifelong Ridgewood resident and I’m very happy to be raising my family in the Village I love. I started my early years in Ridgewood and my parents purchased their first home on Pershing Avenue when I was ten years old. We moved in on a hot, steamy, bright, and sunny 4th of July. At that moment I knew Ridgewood would always be home. I could think of no better place to live, work, and raise a family. Ridgewood is a beautiful village with much to offer all members of our community.
I’m especially proud to serve the Village on the Planning Board and other boards. I’m grateful for the opportunity and have made certain my work has been thoughtful and professional. Most important to me is to allow the Village to grow and move into the future while keeping the small-town feel so important to many of my fellow residents.
I was appointed to the Planning Board Visioning Committee and the Master Plan Committee and have worked closely with Mayor Knudsen, Board Chairman Richard Joel, and Board colleague Dianne O’Brien. Our community outreach has afforded me the opportunity to understand how our fellow residents feel about our community. I’ve met with so many Ridgewood friends, neighbors, newcomers, and long-time residents. Sharing ideas about Ridgewood’s past, present, and future. I’ve had the opportunity to hear from young and old and understand and share their concerns and vision.
I’m so excited for the opportunity to run for Village Council and hope you will vote for me. I promise to work hard every day on behalf of all Ridgewood residents and taxpayers.
Please take a moment to visit my website to learn more about me and my platform. I hope my years of community service has helped me to earn your vote –
Thank you for your support.
With gratitude, “
Melanie Hooban

6 thoughts on “Melanie Hooban has always advocated for reasonable development and has a proven track record of working to protect Ridgewood’s small-town charm

  1. What “small town charm”? There is none left

  2. “Small town charm?” Where???

  3. Well, it is a small town as it is going to get.

    If the Vagianos/Aronsohn/Puch/Hauck/Sonenfeld/Saraceno/Perron/Halaby/developers/etc get elected, expect many more of those hideous buildings along Ridgewood Ave and Franklin Ave.

    You aint’ seen nothin’ yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Small town feel ? ahahaha
    Please drop words “village” and “charm”. They do not fit in today’s RW and Hooban can do nothing about it but she may help slow down the demise for a little longer. If vag wins then farewell RW and and you ain’t seen nothing yet. We will be just another rich hood in the train line that spans the large city called Bergen County.

  5. We can’t do much about most of it but at least let’s not elect another developer’s dream.

  6. All the blood suckers turning our community into Fort Lee and Hackensack …just to line their pockets.

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