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More Real Science Demonstrating the Failure of COVID Lockdowns

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Trenton NJ, Governments all over the world have studied the COVID-19 pandemic from every angle but one. Governments have avoided publishing a realistic cost-benefit analysis of their lockdowns because the politicians are afraid that the results of “the science” will confirm the real costs of many of their draconian policies.

Almost all of the academic studies – independent of government – have found that the costs almost certainly outweighed the benefits.

The latest study is especially striking. Lykke Andersen and Alejandra Rocabado, two Bolivian-based economists, have compared changes in the quantity and quality of life during the first year of the pandemic in 124 countries, which account for 96% of COVID deaths.

To measure the quantity of life lost in 2020, the authors used the total number of life-years lost.  To help measure the quality of life lost they used the percentage reduction in the Google mobility index, averaged across different categories (retail, residential, etc.)

In simple terms, the authors assumed that “a 100% reduction in mobility for a year is equal to a lost year of life,” because people were trapped in their homes.  In other words, if average mobility fell by 20% in a country, then everyone in that country lost 1/5th of a quality life-year.

The authors find that the world lost 48 million life-years due to people dying from COVID-19, but lost 1.25 BILLION quality life-years due to lockdowns.  We’d estimate that at least half that loss is quality life years was due to social distancing in response to the virus that would have happened without any government dictates.  (This is another reason that mandates were unnecessary.)

This means that the loss in quality of life was roughly 10 times larger than the loss in quantity. The three Western countries with the lowest ratio were Denmark, Finland, and Sweden. None of those countries – most famously Sweden – implemented anything close to the lockdowns of most other countries.

The British website Lockdown Skeptics asked the authors “How big is the 48 million number?” They replied: “Every year, at least twice as many life years are lost due to children dying of diarrhea.”

Again, we are amazed that so many allegedly smart people still defend lockdowns as the right policy.

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    Doesn’t advance our political agenda.

  2. Let’s see what happens next month because the numbers are coming up.

  3. Oh no…
    numbers “going” up on a virus that has a 99.7% survival rate for most people under the age of 65.

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