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Ridgewood Residents Claim ParkMobile QR codes are Don’t Match Some Parking Zones

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, if you  park at the Hudson St. Garage and use the Parking App the word is the QR code does not give the  correct parking zone and you will get a $25 ticket . The Hudson Parking Garage Zone has a 4331 code , but through the App with the QR code the zone comes up 4305 and or 4301.

We have not tested it ourselves ,but we have heard from several disgruntled parkers over this issue. ParkMobile and the Ridgewood Parking Authority need to double check this issue and make sure its not happening all over town . Credibility is fundamental to the parking system particularly in Ridgewood where we have had issues in the past.

9 thoughts on “Ridgewood Residents Claim ParkMobile QR codes are Don’t Match Some Parking Zones

  1. There is blind trust in this app. No one is testing but they are ticketing. It was all good till ParkMobile was hacked. Now ParkMobile is generating false fees and it is up to the resident to go to court and prove otherwise.

    Parking has become a money grab, just like the new tree ordinance. Taxes AND fees are going up for residents.

  2. Recently I was forced to use a credit card to park on S. Broad St. near E. Ridgewood Ave. because the machine refused coins. Annoyed.

  3. Why anyone would ever entrust person financial information to a sketchy unsecure organization is beyond me.
    I stopped going into the CBD except for businesses that have their own parking.

    Not worth it.

  4. Parkmobile is irritating enough to use that it is a deterrent to parking in downtown Ridgewood. I just shop and go out to eat elsewhere. Penny wise, pound foolish to install parkmobile machines downtown.

    1. If I have to use PM, I manually enter the code that is posted at the space. Other alternative ts to verify the correct code has been entered by the QR reading before proceeding.

  5. Why don’t we just get rid of parking meters like Glen Rock

    1. Parking problems are one of the folkways that make Richwood so appealing…………

    2. Follow the money

  6. Most of my local friends don’t frequent Ridgewood downtown except for evenings and Sunday when parking is free. I feel sorry for the stores that are losing business because of this and the tickets that are given out.

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