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New Jersey to Impose the Most Restrictive Bag Ban ,Banning Paper and Plastic Bags and most take out containers

the staff of the Ridgewood blog
River Vale Nj, Assemblywomen Holly Schepisi :
“Today we have a voting session. One of the bills being voted on is a bill that is the nation’s MOST RESTRICTIVE BAG BAN and it will ban PAPER and PLASTIC BAGS and most take out containers while imposing new costs on those who can least afford it during a global pandemic and economic downturn.

For anyone who goes shopping right now you are well aware of the policies implemented by stores and supermarkets that for health and safety reasons you are not currently permitted to use recyclable bags. So what is the NJ Legislature doing during a global pandemic? Implementing legislation that only allows you to only use recyclable bags. Total Nonsense!
This bill comes at a time when NJ’s unemployment rate is more than 10%, our small businesses are shutting down throughout our communities and families face an ongoing health threat and financial insecurity. Rather than focus on policies to alleviate these strains the Legislature just keeps piling costs on our residents and businesses.
The businesses impacts by this bill include restaurants, cafes, delis, coffee shops, convenience stores, grocery stores, food trucks, retail stores, movie theaters, pet stores, and all business and institutional cafeterias. The bill will ban even packaging on prepackaged foods and containers for plastic used to carry out fish and insects purchased at pet stores!
It also impacts several New Jersey manufacturing facilities including International Paper which employs more than 465 people at its six NJ facilities. Westrock, a paper manufacturer that employs more than 600 people at its NJ facilities and Novolex paper bag manufacturing which employees more than 200 people. But the good news is we are also simultaneously voting on a “feel good” resolution that allegedly shows our support for NJ manufacturing facilities by Designating the First Week of October as Manufacturing Week as we potentially drive several of our manufacturers out of the State.
How does a bill like this make ANY SENSE in the middle of a public health emergency and a recession in this State?”

20 thoughts on “New Jersey to Impose the Most Restrictive Bag Ban ,Banning Paper and Plastic Bags and most take out containers

  1. Holly, be happy you still can drive combustible engines. When Murphy imposed ”Rain Tax” Dems were salivating at the prospect of influx of new monies. That never materialized and pollution is still occurring in my backyard . Pleasant Brook is now the new symbol of what’s wrong with NJ politics. Keep fighting for us Holly. Keep fighting!

  2. Once again, our Governor is proving what an incompetent BUFFOON he really is.
    Here is an idea, let’s throw him out with the rest of the trash, he can be on the top of the pile that can not be put out in bags!

  3. Holly, be happy we still can use combustible engines. When last year Murphy introduced so called “Rain Tax” many politicians were salivating at the prospect of new monies and allegedly chance of stopping the pollution of our rivers. The fact is that my backyard is still being polluted (three years later) and Pleasant Brook became a symbol of what’s wrong with NJ. The prospect of you changing anything is very slim but PLEASE don’t give up and keep fighting. Just for kicks I guess. Keep fighting Holly!

  4. This is great, I’ve been using reusable bags for a while now, they hold way more and I haven’t had one break on me yet, I was apprehensive at first but the benefits have been good and it’s seen a lot of success elsewhere.

  5. Are our elected officials from the top down trying to force us to leave the state! I think they are doing a great job at that. We r a laughing stock to all outsiders. SC is looking better every day. My kids live there.

  6. He is just trying to put more businesses out of business so he can raise are taxes to pay for his stupid mistakes

  7. I agree that the timing economically doesn’t make sense during the pandemic, however, bills like this always take a while to be implemented so I think if they vote on it now it would have a great impact in the long run in 6 months to a year when they begin to implement. Hopefully those manufacturers can create a new business plan or convert into some type of paper or plastic bag recycling company in order to try and stay in New Jersey. Regardless the day will come where all plastic and paper companies are going to start migrating out of the state because we live in a highly populated area and I really believe we need to reduce single use plastic consumption DRASTICALLY.

  8. When was the last time anyone washed those reusable bags that I’ve seen thrown in a trunk? Gross.

  9. Because of COVID-19, Cashiers will not bag groceries in customer’s reusable bags. Which means that I will need to bag my own groceries with the arthritis in my hands.

  10. Yes let’s shut down more manufacturing in the state and country. Brilliant idea. And If you already need a reminder that’s pretty bad. Take out is what has gotten people through Covid and kept at least part of the economy alive. f there’s no takeout containers… Do I even need to go on? I mean what do people want? For us to go back to the Middle Ages when there’s absolutely no manufacturing and nothing produced or consumed? I don’t get it. And those reusable bags are still coated in plastic. This is all stuff that makes people feel like they are doing some thing, when in reality it’s just nonsense. People will still drive SUVs, are still going to use disposable diapers. Still going to drink bottled water. Still but too many clothes. Still live in houses unnecessarily large…
    It’s very hypocritical. Very few of us would actually big willing to live off the grid. Or only have what we absolutely need. But some people want that too. It’s called Socialism. No thank you.

  11. I think this bill is a wonderful one and one that should have been in force a long time ago! When I see cashiers putting one or two items per plastic bag, most of which are already wrapped it makes me ill. Waste upon waste WHY not bring reusable bags from home and reuse them when you shop it only takes several times til it becomes a habit! I lived in Germany in the late sixties and they were using reusable string bags then and for a long time before that. The clerk would hand you the goods and you put them in your bags, Europe had the right idea long ago we need to finally get with it! If it is not made a law people will not comply….sadly

  12. Finally! I have been using cloth bags for years and it is so much easier to unpack groceries and I have to make less trips back to the car to bring the grocery’s inside. I put all the frozen food in one bag and they stay cold longer… they make nice collapsible hard bottom bags that don’t roll around in the trunk when full. Why do people hate change so much…. those same people probably objected to being told they must wear a seatbelt and had to stop using airasole (spelled wrong) deodorant…. no one wanted the New Deal way back when but I’m sure you appreciate that SS check you get each month don’t you? Smart companies will convert because they see the writing on the wall and new jobs will be created and those workers can be proud they are helping protect their grandchildren’s planet!
    As for moving to SC…. really? It’s easier for you to pack up and move…… wow! Please do NJ a favor and move! I’m sure you will be moving again because SC will soon realize they too have no where to dump their garbage….. oh no, where will you go so that you can continue to be selfish and live like your actions have no consequences….

  13. reusable bags spread disease.
    … where are the COVID alarmists on this one?

  14. “I think this bill is a wonderful one and one that should have been in force a long time ago! When I see cashiers putting one or two items per plastic bag, most of which are already wrapped it makes me ill.”

    You understand that we have disposable plastic bags BECAUSE zealots like you forced through a ban on paper bags to “Save the Trees”.


  15. In a state where residents are over taxed, now those who count their pennies have to BUY plastic bags for their garbage. I guess the garbage bag lobbyists were giving the cash to murphy.

  16. People r dying the Country is in chaos when will anything make sense❓‼️Governor understand the impact this will have on the people of NJ‼️Plastic is necessary especially now ‼️

  17. MissyT, don’t you understand, you are not wanted here in the Great State of New Germany. Never forget that Murphy pays over 200k in property taxes on his home. Be gone, follow Maple ave till you hit P-town and don’t cross the river again.

  18. leave a reply Ha i’m leaving the State and many are coming with me . Good luck New jersey i’ll alway call you hime .

  19. This guy needs to slow down. First of all how are we supposed to get our take out food to help keep restaurants that are already hemorrhaging and staying alive only through take out? Other materials are too expensive, and it’s not always picked up curbside. When they come to drop it off, 9 times out of 10 it’s in a plastic bag. If it’s not in a plastic bag, it’s in a paper bag. If he wants people to use reusable bags for dropping off food, then he’s opening up a whole can of worms.
    This is not the time to be worried about paper, plastic, bags or straws and whatever the hell else he’s talking about. He needs to focus on Covid and opening up the economy in NJ and how to do safely. He needs to prioritize the structure of the economy and the effects of his actions and impositions.

  20. Let’s see, 1zt shut down the state, shutdown business, thereby putting over 100,000 people out of work, fine other businesses that kept working.
    Oh, then realizes the Tax zincome is Down. Hmmmm, so then he pushes to raise all taxes to make up for the lost income.
    How are those who’ve been out of work for more than 4 months, suppose to pay these taxes?
    How are they suppose to put food on the table?
    How are they suppose to pay their rent or property taxes with money that you governor have taken away ??
    Haven’t see. Any relief or exemptions to help those who can’t pay their taxes now.
    I guess your looking to make a killing at the Sheriff’s Property Tax Sales, come 2021???
    Nj the Garden State, is actually the Chemical State, but after this maneuver, it’ll become the Baren State from everyone moving out

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