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NJ Continues to Fail to Protect High Risk Nursing Home Populations From COVID-19

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Andover NJ, an anonymous tip led to the New York Times let to the discovery of 17 bodies crowded into a four-person morgue at one of New Jersey’s largest nursing homes. Andover Police found the bodies this week at the Andover Subacute and Rehabilitation Center I and II in Sussex County, in northern New Jersey.

The 17 people discovered in the small morgue bring the number of deaths linked to the center up to 68. Twenty-six of those who died tested positive for COVID-19, and two staff members are among the deceased. 76 patients at the home are currently sick with the virus, as are 41 staff members, according to the New York Times.

Given their congregate nature and residents served (e.g., older adults often with underlying chronic medical conditions), nursing home populations are at the highest risk of being affected by COVID-19. If infected with SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, residents are at increased risk of serious illness.

Statement of Attorney General Gurbir S. Grewal  who may have finally woken up regarding Deaths at Nursing Homes and Other Long-Term Care Facilities in New Jersey
“Like the Governor and so many other New Jerseyans, I am deeply troubled by the high number of deaths at certain nursing homes and other long-term care facilities in the State, especially those with below-average track records for health inspections, staffing, and quality of care. I can confirm that the Attorney General’s Office is now investigating the matter, and we will follow the facts wherever they go. As is our standard practice, we will not be providing further updates on the investigation unless and until we bring an enforcement action or close the case.”

6 thoughts on “NJ Continues to Fail to Protect High Risk Nursing Home Populations From COVID-19

  1. If grewal was worried, why did he stop doctors from prescribing hydrochloroquine which has an effective result in early stage?
    Late stage it doesn’t work, but it works very well if given early.

  2. “ the board of ISAC, which publishes the International Journal of Antimicrobial Agents in collaboration with the Dutch publisher Elsevier, is saying the study does not meet the society’s expected standards. On 3 April, ISAC president Andreas Voss, who is a clinical microbiologist at the Radboud Institute for Health Sciences in the Netherlands, released a statement noting that the society’s board members had reservations about the study ‘especially relating to the lack of better explanations of the inclusion criteria and the triage of patients to ensure patient safety’.”

    It has not been proven. Anecdotal observations do not count.

  3. Because…Trump

  4. its much easier to impose draconian measures on the entire population (much easier to defend with regards to bias, fairness, etc…) than to ACTUALLY address and solve the problem.

  5. 20% of the deaths are nursing home patients..NYT

  6. “20% of the deaths are nursing home patients..NYT”
    But let’s keep crashing the economy and taking away our freedoms and locking everyone up in their houses.

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