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NJ Fish and Wildlife: During the next two weeks 80% of the fawns will be born

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Ridgewood NJ, in the spring and summer months, people may find what appears to be sick, injured or orphaned wildlife and every year the lives of many young animals are disrupted. Well-intentioned people may attempt to “save” these animals while most often the mother is nearby, officials said.

During the next two weeks 80% of the fawns will be born.  The mother only spends time when they need feeding .

If you find a young fawn laying alone, leave it there, it is not abandoned. Fawns that are not strong enough on their legs to keep up with the adults are left alone while the adult deer spend much of the day feeding and exploring. The mother comes back several times each day to nurse the fawn, officials said.

If you’ve already picked the fawn up and brought it home – put it back. Even one or two days after removal from the wild, fawns can reunite with their mothers by returning them to where they were found. Usually young fawns are quite safe because their color pattern and lack of scent help them to remain hidden until their mother’s return, officials said. 


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