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Mayor and Progress Ridgewood riling up shoppers and diners when 80% of new spots benefit developers and politicians

Parking 2/8/16
All this propaganda for less than 50 spots targeted to dining and shopping ? Let’s talk about the real agenda
June 18,2016

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, The Mayor and his cronies are playing fast and loose with the truth and the rank and file doing their bidding may not understand the real plot.  Stooping so low as to grab out dated of context quotes to imply that the 5 members of the incoming Council endorse a YES vote is essentially manufacturing a lie but trying to wipe off your fingerprints of the tools of deceit.  The incoming Council DOES NOT endorse a Yes vote and if you doubt me, just ask them, they are all available on email.  They are trying to stay on the high road, which the Village Manager couldn’t find with a map, but they are livid at the bald attempt to attach their names to Paul and Roberta’s desperate attempt to deceive.

They don’t want or need any “help” from the outgoing Council who are leaving their post with as little grace and professionalism as you would expect from observing  the last 4 years

The Walker study (attached ) makes clear that of the 250 incremental spots created the vast, vast majority (191 of 250 or 76 %) of the spots created will be monthly spots.  The 126 hourly spots is less than 50 more than what exists in lot now  (76 spots ) when you consider the destruction of on-street parking Garagzilla requires.

So wait …We spend $ 11.5 MM to get essentially less than 2 levels of shopping/dining parking and 3+ levels of monthly parking to warehouse extra cars for the high density residents and serve out of town commuters? That makes sense how?????

Who benefits from monthly spots ?  High density developers who have too many cars and out of town commuters.
Who benefits from 50 subsidized hourly spots being created in a $ 11.5 MM boondoggle?  Local Landlords looking to raise rents on small business tenants.

Who benefits from developers, out of town commuters and local landlords being happy?  Politicians who need money and allies to run for office.