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Deputy Mayor Michael Sedon Resigns From the Ridgewood Village Council

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Ridgewood NJ, Deputy Mayor Michael Sedon announced his resignation as a member of Ridgewood Village Council and Wednesday evening’s meeting. Mayor Susan Knudsen moved for the appointment of Councilperson Pamela Perron as the new deputy mayor effective immediately. Sedon served on the Ridgewood Shade Tree Commission, Sustainable Jersey, and Green Ridgewood.

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Kushner resigns as president of Alpine club; couple called coach anti-Semitic, report says


MAY 12, 2015, 5:42 PM    LAST UPDATED: TUESDAY, MAY 12, 2015, 10:11 PM

David Kushner has resigned as president of the Alpine Country Club, officials of the club in Demarest said Tuesday, days after Kushner and his wife, Nanci, pleaded not guilty to charges that they stalked and harassed the Cresskill High School basketball coach.

Investigators tied the Kushners, both 49, to anonymous emails sent to the coach by tracing the IP addresses of the emails, according to records obtained on Tuesday. The emails had come from the Kushners’ home in Cresskill and from the Manhattan offices of David Kushner’s company, Paradigm Capital Funding Group, the records said.

The Kushners also were charged with harassment last week in Tenafly, where police say they sent anonymous emails to a former friend.

Police are also investigating a house party Friday night at the Kushners’ home. A juvenile boy was taken to the hospital for evaluation after suspected alcohol consumption, and authorities seized alcohol, suspected marijuana and drug paraphernalia, officials said. David Kushner told police he was out of state at the time, records show.

The quick succession of events brought an abrupt shift for a family well-known over the years in Bergen County society and at high profile charity functions.

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Pair named in harassment cases allegedly behind emails in Tenafly, Cresskill


MAY 12, 2015, 8:33 AM    LAST UPDATED: TUESDAY, MAY 12, 2015, 8:33 AM


Alpine Country Club President David Kushner and his wife, Nanci, allegedly sent anonymous, harassing emails to Tenafly resident Cory Hechler, according to court papers that were made public Monday.

Hechler, a longtime friend and golfing partner of David Kushner, filed a civil lawsuit last year alleging that Kushner persuaded him to invest in business deals that lost a substantial amount of money.

The Kushners have been charged with harassment in the Tenafly case, which was announced on Friday without the name of the alleged victim.

The Kushners also face charges, made public last week, that they stalked and harassed the Cresskill High School basketball coach by sending anonymous emails in an attempt to get him fired. The Kushners’ son played basketball at Cresskill High School.

Authorities also said Monday that they are investigating an incident Friday night at the Kushners’ home on Adams Drive in Cresskill.

Officers responding to a noise complaint reported that someone at the home was taken to a hospital, and that a quantity of alcohol was seized. Cresskill Deputy Police Chief James Domville said he did not know whether the couple was home at the time.

No charges have been filed in the matter, but the detective bureau is investigating to determine whether underage drinking took place at the home, Domville said. He said he did not know the age of the person taken to the hospital.

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Reader says These may be “middle school bullying tactics,” but the stakes are very high. Time to ferret out the perpetrator.


Reader says These may be “middle school bullying tactics,” but the stakes are very high. Time to ferret out the perpetrator.

There currently is no investigation. That is the point. There should be an investigation, and it should uncover who sent the e-mail or who called the newspaper. Why wouldn’t the Council be jumping right on this? Then their names could be cleared of any suspicion and the real perpetrator could be identified.

So far the editor of the paper has refused to release the email message. Did it really exist or was it actually a phone call from our mayor?

The IP address can be tracked so the sender can be identified. If it’s anyone associated with the VOR then that person should be terminated. But I doubt it. Probably some loser with an axe to grind.

Submitted on 2014/04/07 at 3:41 pm

You morons, who hide behind anonymous posts attacking people by name are the real scum of the earth. And the best part is when someone else does what you have done on this stupid blog you get all indignant and demand to know who the anonymous person is….like I said your all morons.
Submitted on 2014/04/09 at 3:20 am


This IP continues to defend the practice of emailing ones employers

Perhaps its the “Ridgewood Soccer Mom ” as well

Where is an ip address? This page shows approximately location of an ip address, country, city, postal code, ISP that owns this ip address, ip address whois information and much more.

Region: NJ | Region Name: New Jersey | City: Westwood | Area Code: 201 | Postal code/Zip: 07675 | Latitude: 41.009899 | Longitude: -74.007301 | Ip: | Organization/ISP:

It cant hurt to check also comes up twice stop forum spam

1-Apr-14 08:17108.59.11.116 Cogito.unlimited
26-Feb-14 21:14108.59.11.116

The Project Honey Pot system has detected behavior from the IP address consistent with that of a mail server.

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Readers think Village Halls knows more than is saying about the Mike Sedon Email Incident


Readers think Village Halls knows more than is saying about the Mike Sedon Email Incident  

Timing of email and comments made on this blog by sources clearing set up to harass and hide someones identity suggest Village Hall could be implicated.
New politicians have a history of using this tactic .

“Was anything in this anonymous letter not true? I fail to share the outrage and as far as political dirty tricks go, this is pretty mild. I would suggest that Mr Sedon go on the offensive and show us he’s up for a fight…..I believe he is.”

Comments were posted by Mr Coward who is using proxy servers ” Hide My Ass! Free proxy node (IP address )”Readers this

Contents of the letter sent to Mr. Sedon’s former employer have not been made public. Thus, how would anyone except the letter’s author, and selected members of management from Mr. Sedon’s former employer, know what was written. Any suggestion that the letter’s contents were truthful and mild must be coming from someone who wrote it or read it.