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“Tolerance” : the New Fascism in the Village of Ridgewood

Women's March on Washington

and if you dont agree  you should move says poster!

Is this Kellyann? Good grief. I feel sorry for your kids and husband. You sound nasty. If you don’t like it then MOVE! We voted by an overwhelming majority in our town for Clinton/Gottheimer. We would love for your kind to move the heck out of town.

you brought a smile to my face.
You were able in only 4 sentences to exhibit exactly what is wrong with the liberal/progressive/democrat thinking.

How funny that your “side”, as you put it “WE”, will tolerate every other group in the USA BUT not the conservatives.

Wow, how quickly you resorted to calling names (nasty), making it personal (husband and kids) and telling me to move out of town.

What if I told you I was a black, gay, Syrian refugee – would you change your tune?

What if I told you I was an old white male christian?

I think your tolerance or respect of my opinion is not based on my humanity but based on your party platform.

I am guessing you think that your politics make you and your party the better people