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Delzio Complaints against Mayor Tossed by Ethics Board

Mayor Susan Knudsen

January 3,2017

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ,  In a huge victory for the mayor ,the state Local Finance Board dismissed not one but two ethics complaints against Villlage mayor, Susan Knudsen.

The first complaint, filed in February 2017 by Ridgewood resident Don Delzio, alleged that during her tenure as member of the village council, Knudsen had not alerted other village officials about potential conflicts of interest that affected members of her family financially.

Delzio alleged that Knudsen’s August 2014 vote to uphold an extant residency requirement for police officers and firefighters directly led to three of her sons obtaining positions as employees in both departments.

Then in the second complaint, Delzio alleged that, throughout the summer of 2014, Knudsen worked to delay votes in favor of redeveloping the historic Schedler property into a sports field, and that she later voted in favor of a resolution that would request county funds for the land’s preservation.

Delzio claimed this presented a direct conflict of interest, in that Knudsen’s parents own a home within 200 feet of the Schedler property.

Both allegations have been repeated many times on this blog and were resoundingly refuted .

The Local Finance Board offered the very same refutation that has been stated on this blog many times in the form of a dismissal .On the first complaint it was not their jurisdiction it was a civil service matter and on the second Delzio complaint ,there is no factual basis!