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Hudson County Democrat Operative Charged with Tax Evasion

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the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Matawan NJ, A Monmouth County, New Jersey, man was charged today with tax evasion, corrupt interference with the administration of the Internal Revenue laws, and failure to file a federal tax return, U.S. Attorney Craig Carpenito announced.

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Ridgewood’s “Tolerance” Police set the Record Straight

Nazi's in Paris

You’re using that word wrong.

“Tolerance” as a social virtue is a relatively recent concept and specifically refers to the quality that is the opposite of bigotry.

“Tolerance” is not the same as niceness or politeness, though it can accompany those traits.

People who stand for tolerance stand against bigotry. And people who stand against bigotry may absolutely be angry, and even rude. They may have no time or patience for bigotry. They are still standing against bigotry. The concept of tolerance does not include “tolerating” bigotry.

Please remember this before you again pull out the tired trope of “you’re not putting up with my bigotry, therefore you’re intolerant.”

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Mayor and his Cronies Accused of Bad Mouthing Local Ridgewood Business’s that do not support their agenda

paul Aronsohn

November 30,2015
the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridewood NJ, Reader posts , “Paul Aronsohn – the same Paul Aronsohn that contacted one of my clients and tried to convince him not to stop using my services. All because I do not support Mr. Aronsohn’s policies. I ask you, what gives Mr. Aronsohn the right to interfere with my business operations? The answer is, he has no right to do so but he thinks because he is the mayor of Ridgewood and I’m a resident of Ridgewood, he can get into my personal business. Time to contact an attorney about Mr. Aronsohn’s big mouth.”

We have heard this story all to often , most are familiar with the attempt to derail Mike Sendon’s campaign with a despicable and cowardly email to his employer . And most are keenly aware that this was a third rate low life attempt to disenfranchise Ridgewood voters .

Advertises on this blog have been attacked and subtly threatened , fake blogs have been set up by local failures to attack this blog the list goes on and on.Playing favorites may not be a crime but it is terrible governance. Bringing Hudson County politics into Ridgewood is lowering the entire standing of this town and its residents . The bad news for the purveyors of this garbage is that  this isn’t Hudson County and its never going to be . Elections come and go but Ridgewood will always be Ridgewood .