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“Ice Cream Lady” of Paramus, Monica Pidhorecki, is back on the road after a devastating fire destroyed one of her trucks

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all photos courtesy of the “Ice Cream Lady” of Paramus

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Paramus NJ, the beloved “Ice Cream Lady” of Paramus, Monica Pidhorecki, is back on the road after a devastating fire destroyed one of her trucks and left her home temporarily uninhabitable. Thanks to the generosity of local families, a fundraising effort has enabled Pidhorecki to continue delighting the sweet tooths of countless Bergen County kids.

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MARK YOUR CALENDARS: Ben Franklin Middle School’s Annual TREP$ Marketplace!


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Ridgewood NJ, this upcoming Tuesday, December 5th will be Ben Franklin Middle School’s annual TREP$ Marketplace! Over 170 STUDENTS have been hard at work for the past few months creating their businesses, creating logos, and making their products and they are so excited to have a chance to open their businesses to the public!

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How Does A Company Function? All You Need To Know

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When starting your own business, it’s essential to understand how a company functions. There are so many moving parts, and keeping track of it all can be challenging. This blog post outlines the basics of how a company operates. It’ll discuss the different roles within a company and explain what each one does. By understanding how a company works, you’ll be able to make better decisions for your business and increase your chances of success.

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Kean University Students Launch Campus Delivery Service

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DormlyBox co-founders Jaelen Hymes of Woodbridge, (l), and Jared Shiffman of Wayne, (r), pack DormlyBoxes. (Photo Credit: Kean University)

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Union NJ, Kean University juniors Jared Shiffman and Jaelen Hymes came up with the idea in November: What if there were a cheaper, quicker way for students to get toiletries delivered to their residence hall rooms?

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What Are the Advantages of Cloud Backup for Business?

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Being an entrepreneur or a small business owner can be both empowering and overwhelming. There’s a great deal of information that needs to be filed properly, and you need to be on top of pretty much everything to keep your business running smoothly. This means that you will have to remember where all the essential paperwork is kept and answer questions right off the top of your head. 

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3 important Things You Need to Start Your Own Small Business!

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Ridgewood NJ, Many people dream of starting their own successful business and ruling their own empire. However, it’s not always that easy, and there are a few important things that you need in place before you can begin to open up shop. In fact, there are at least three very important things you need before you can start your own small business, and they are:

Start-Up Money

Perhaps the most important thing that you’ll need to start your own small business is money. You know how they always say that you need to spend money to make money, and that saying holds true. If you don’t have any money saved to start a business with, you may want to look into obtaining a small business loan. This is a loan for a lump sum of money that will be loaned to you for the purpose of starting a small business. Once you have the money to start your own business, you’ll be able to move on to the next step of becoming your own boss and building that empire.

A Location

One of the most important things about owning a small business is having a location for that business to be run from. Even online businesses much allocate proper space for all they’ll need and for general operations to take place within. However, this becomes even more crucial if the small business you plan on opening is a store or an eatery of some sort. Finding a location to run out of is sometimes stressful, though very possible. Remember to take time and consider the best location before deciding to rent or buy one.

A Good Idea

While there are many very important aspects of opening up your own small business, a good idea is by far the most important. This is because not every small business will succeed, you can’t open an ice cream shop outside of Dairy Queen and expect to sell them out. Having a good idea, and then a better location is half of the success when it comes to owning a small business. While there are no original ideas, it’s wise to think out and flesh out every aspect of your new business, right down to the color scheme and how the name sounds when you say it very fast. A good idea will go a lot further than a boring, overused one. Being prepared is also half the battle when it comes to success.

Opening up a small business is a dream that many people try to achieve. Not everyone makes it, but many do and those that do have probably considered the three things that we have mentioned above. Starting a small business is hard work, though if you do it right, you’ll find it to be immensely rewarding. Remember to take time to cement your plans and to test out different avenues. The most successful small business are those who took the time to think of a solid plan and venture. The more you put into your small business, the more you’ll get out.

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4 Critical Lessons That Every Aspiring Entrepreneur Needs To Learn


May 2,2017

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Ridgewood NJ, American culture loves to celebrate the entrepreneurial breed – those daring men and women willing to take calculated risks to create new enterprises that will grab the nation’s imagination along with its pocketbooks.

Those who reach the pinnacle of entrepreneurial excellence – such as Bill Gates or Jeff Bezos – are viewed with a mixture of awe and envy.

But what separates those who experience wild success from those left picking up the pieces of a failed enterprise?

Part of it comes down to good old work ethic, says Bill Green, founder and CEO of The Crestar Group of Companies and author of “ALL IN: 101 Real Life Business Lessons for Aspiring Entrepreneurs” (

“If you don’t want to work harder than everyone and you don’t have your passion, you shouldn’t be an entrepreneur,” Green says.

But that’s far from the whole story, says Green, whose own route to success began in a flea market. There are plenty of other lessons that budding entrepreneurs need to learn. Just a few include:

• Become a tactical and strategic CEO. Tactical leadership is doing things right. Strategic leadership is doing the right things. “You probably are doing a lot of things right tactically to get your startup off the ground,” Green says. “But now it’s time to think about your long-term strategy.” The greatest CEOs are visionaries, always plotting their company’s next big move, he says. “If you see a way to improve your business, you’d better have the vision and the guts to pull the trigger,” Green says, “even if the naysayers say it can’t be done.
• Let your employees complete you. “Most of us can’t do it all or know everything, so it’s important to hire a team that can compensate for your shortcomings,” Green says. The best way to do that, he says, is to think like an NBA owner who builds a championship team by drafting a well-balanced roster of players whose abilities complement each other.
• Good customers complain, bad customers go away. No one enjoys hearing complaints, but those angry customers should be viewed as a gift, Green says. They care about your product or service and they want you to fix whatever problem they’re experiencing so they can continue to have that product or service. Many unhappy customers just walk away never to return, so you don’t know why you lost their business.
• The best deals are the ones you don’t make. There are good business deals out there, but there are many more bad deals, Green says. It’s important that any deal you make is the right one for your company, and not something you do just because making a new acquisition or introducing a new product is exciting. People will always try to seduce you with the “next great deal,” but stay focused on what’s best for your business. “Don’t let anyone influence you into making a deal you don’t want to make,” he says.

Ultimately, though, entrepreneurial success comes down to your own passion and tenacity.

“It doesn’t cost anything not to believe in something,” Green says. “It costs everything to believe in an idea so much that you’re willing to spend your life doing it and doing it until it becomes a reality. That’s guts. That’s passion. That’s the resolve you need to succeed.”

About Bill Green

Bill Green, founder and CEO of The Crestar Group of Companies, is author of “ALL IN: 101 Real Life Business Lessons for Aspiring Entrepreneurs” ( Crestar is comprised of private equity, specialty finance, and real estate businesses. Green is also the CEO of LendingOne, which was founded in 2014 and provides real estate bridge and rental loans to non-owner occupied real estate investment properties. Prior to forming Crestar, he was with Interline Brands, founding the company in 1977. For 25 years he led Interline as its CEO from a small retail outlet to one of the largest industrial distribution companies in the country. Today, Interline Brands is owned by The Home Depot.

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North Jersey moms inspired by parenting create products and businesses


North Jersey moms inspired by parenting create products and businesses

MAY 11, 2014    LAST UPDATED: SUNDAY, MAY 11, 2014, 1:21 AM

Every mother has been in a situation where she thinks, “There has got to be a better way.”

From easing separation anxiety to keeping your allergic child safe to easily finding a safe over-the-counter product when pregnant to solving the problems of the impractical beach bag — the issues are always there, and there are often ideas that follow. But who has the time to do anything with that creative thought?

Four North Jersey women are among the mothers who had those moments and acted on their inspiration. They created a product or product lines to help not only their families but other parents or future parents.

Audrey Storch, Iris Shamus, Rachel Katz-Galatt and Kimberlee Vaccarella share a strong belief in their ideas, a get-it-done attitude and a good support system required to be a parent, create a product and launch a business.

“The only difference between a dream and doing it is setting a goal — set a date for your dream and that’s how it becomes a reality,” said Storch, who created Huggs To Go in 1999. “Just go for it.”

Storch started her business — which made dolls that acted like a huggable picture frame — in a time before Google, never mind crowdfunding and social media. Tamara Monosoff was in a similar “Yellow Pages” situation more than a decade ago when the Bay Area mom wanted to create a product to keep kids from being able to unroll the toilet paper. She remembers making call after call to machinists with her daughter making noise in the background. She finally found an understanding soul.

“He said, ‘I’m a grandpa. Just bring her with you. Come on down,’ ” Monosoff remembered. “That changed everything for me.”

After she created the gadget and got some publicity, mothers with ideas continually sought her advice on how to go from idea to retail product. Those encounters led her to write “The Mom Inventors Handbook,” which recently released an updated edition, to help women find the resources they need.

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