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Former Village Manager’s Letter to the Editor Generates Flack


file photo by Boyd Loving

Letter: Ridgewood budget issues remain:

May 7,2017

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, in a recent letter to the editor former Village manager Roberta Sonenfeld looked to undermine the current Village Council on the Village budget . Tony Loving of Ridgewood asked “Doesn’t Ms. Sonenfeld have a formal ethics complaint pending against her? For allegedly using tax revenues inappropriately? And didn’t she resign in a huff? Makes me wonder about both the accuracy and intent of her letter.”

While the idea of a lawsuit was refuted by none other than Jan Philips.Anne LaGrange Loving followed up with some hard evidence “Actually, Jan, yes and yes. For those who are interested in the facts, here are three links to information regarding the ethics violation pending against Ms. Sonenfeld:”…/lawsuits-emerge…/94821932/…/ridgewood-mayor-manager-accused…/…/ridgewood-mayor-and…

Loving went on , “I was in touch with the complainant yesterday, and indeed the matter is still outstanding. It can take up to two years for resolution of these complaints.

And as far as “resigning in a huff,” we all read the letter of resignation, which was made public, and it was not exactly a friendly lovey-dovey letter of resignation.”

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