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Reader says parents wanting to give their children everything, forgot to give them the tools of life that mattered


The bottom line is that parents and teachers are giving so much safe space that there is no thinking on the part of the student as they mature to find their way through difficulties and problems. Parents solve the child’s problems immediately and at every turn which sets them up when they are young adults for FAILURE since they have no clue how to interact to a amicable conclusion. Now the idea is just to call your opposing individual names and label them to intimidate or cry for a safe space. Those parents who have taught their children the skills to interact, accept success in a humble manner and accept failure and the consequences as a growth tool to tackle the problem differently in the future….are the ones that will succeed – you know them when you see them. These are the young adults that companies WANT to hire, the others will stumble and fall many times before figuring it out, but it didn’t have to be that way….their parents wanting to give them everything, forgot to give them the tools of life that mattered. Pity.