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Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Jack Ciattarelli Paid his Respects to the Fireplace in Paramus

Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Jack Ciattarelli2
the staff of the Ridgewood blog
Paramus NJ, on the campaign stop Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Jack Ciattarelli paid his respects to the Fireplace in Paramus, which is closing after 65 years in business . Ciattarelli chatted with fans of the Fireplace
saying, “While heartbreaking, I was happy to join others from all around the region to celebrate 65 years of memories, community, and the best hamburgers in town at the Fireplace.
This year, let’s elect a governor that supports small businesses. Let’s fix NJ.”

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10 Must-Watch Bergen Races on Tuesday night

cosgrove team

First Responders are my Heroes……and that certainly applies to this brave group from Fair Lawn. The Cosgrove Team hosted a wonderful event recognizing their fabulous EMS personnel, fire fighters and other stand outs for the life saving work they do. Bravo! — with Ken Tyburczy, John Gil andJohn Cosgrove at Fair Lawn AC.


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By Matthew Gilson | The Save Jersey Blog

#1 – Freeholder Race

The main attraction county-wide is yet another annual Freeholder Board control battle. The race for two three-year terms is growing increasingly competitive with former Freeholder John Mitchell looking to return to the post he held for three years and Ramsey CouncilmanKen Tyburczy mounting a strong showing. For the Democrats, Steve Tanelli is the stronger of the two incumbents and will be challenge to beat, but look for Republicans to pick off at least one of the two with Tracy Zur being exceptionally vulnerable. For the one-year term, union strongman Tom Sullivan takes on Daisy Ortiz-Berger. Ortiz-Berger would bring desperately needed diversity as the five old white Democrats currently on the board do little to address the needs of the county.

#2 – District 38

What can be said that has not been said? All that aside, District 38 remains our strongest opportunity to pick up a seat north of the Atlantic City Expressway. It is unknown what kind of impact Anthony Cappola remaining on the ballot will have in the race to replace Assemblymen Timothy Eustace and ‪Joe Lagana, but a strong showing even in a loss could set Mark DiPisa up nicely for a rematch in 2017. Which brings us to our next race…

#3 – Fair Lawn

Mayor John Cosgrove and his team can take complete control of local government with a sweep on Tuesday. Cosgrove himself is a heavy favorite to win re-election, and his team of John Gil and Marc Zharnest has made an aggressive push to incumbents Kurt Peluso and Lisa Swain. The signs say “The Cosgrove Team” for a reason; he is incredibly popular and has a tremendous record as the mayor and decades of community service. Looking ahead to 2017, Cosgrove, the favorite to take on Senator Bob Gordon, would be hard-pressed to pass on a run with a strong victory tomorrow.

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Freeholder candidate John Mitchell makes the rounds and gets and ear full on the Iran Nuke deal

John Mitchell

photo by Patrick Basel

August 24,2015

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Fair Lawn NJ, Freeholder candidate John Mitchell made the rounds in Fair lawn over the weekend and there is nothing like a picnic in Fair Lawn hosted by the Cosgrove Team.

Even on this beautiful warm summer day however, there was a cold chill in the air as the conversation turned to the possibility that Iran will be allowed to develop nuclear weapons. Nonetheless, the people I spoke with remain confident that our elected officials “will come to their senses” and reject this deal for the sake of our own U.S. citizens as well as for our long time ally, Israel. Hope springs eternal..!!