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Readers may debate Village of Ridgewood Managers Effectiveness , but most agree Her opinion is of no importance to any discussion


Far as I know there are five elected officials. I do not recall seeing Roberta’s name in the voting booth. Her opinion is of no importance to any discussion and I wish she would keep her mouth shut. There are two very obvious misogynists in the bunch – one wears his balding head for all to see and one covers his with a cheap rug. They have no use for women, none. If Roberta were not doing their calling, talking their talk, walking their walk, they would oust her instantly.

Roberta has no business………..NONE WHATSOEVER………..interjecting her opinion into anything. She takes sides and argues with the Council Majority and with residents. No, Sir Rurik, this is not about her being a woman. What a pitiful sidetrack you are trying to get on. Her double-X chromosome is not at issue here. What is at issue is that she is way way too big for her britches, so to speak. She thinks she is an elected official when she absolutely is not.