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Eagle Scout Raptor Nesting Project Gets Ok from Ridgewood Council

Eagle Scout Raptor Nesting Project Gets Ok from Ridgewood Council

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September 28,2017
the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ,at the Village Councill session of Wednesday night  Eagle Scout Tyler Hansen presented his Raptor Nest placement project to the council. The project took 85 hours of work and took 12 volunteers from troop 5. Locations around the Village were chosen because they were good for the birds.  There will be 4 prime locations and some back ups, of which the nests will be 12 – 20 feet off the ground . The Eagle Scouts are working hand in hand with the Ridgewood Department of Parks and Recreation .

Locations are 20 pound, Maple field by the river, the Stable by the river, Maple field by the garden , Vets field south of the foot bridge , Stevens field by the river , and  Somerville walkway .

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Raptors are birds of prey and eat mice, rabbits, squirrels and other rodents .

So What’s a Raptor? Rap-tor (rap’-tər) n.

[Latin, from rapere, to seize]Any of various birds of prey, including hawks, eagles, falcons and owls, distinguished by strong hooked beaks and taloned feet.

Raptors are an important part of nature’s intricate system of checks and balances.  They help maintain stability in the living world, and it is important to preserve them for their biological significance alone.  Furthermore, they are beautiful and intriguing creatures, the epitome of wildness and freedom; their very existence adds quality to our lives.  (