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Sunshine Pictures Productions announced today it’s Next Major project “Violet”.


LOS ANGELES, May 15– Sunshine Pictures Productions announced today it’s Next Major project “Violet”.

Synopsis : Violet is kidnapped and taken to an unknown location under the control of a mysterious criminal organization and made into a sex slave. As these sex traffickers begin to die off in a series of surreptitious and brutal murders, they must discover who is hunting them and why. Is their new slave more than she appears?

Dedicated to original and exciting action and story telling, Violet brings a fresh take on the familiar elements of drama, suspense and violence. The film’s martial arts action appeals to a worldwide audience, but because the story is centered around the abhorrent real-world practice of human trafficking, the film aims for a higher purpose than violence as a spectacle. We believe that Violet will help to shine a light on human trafficking and start a conversation around the issue that may lead to real victims getting the help that they desperately need.

Joining Violet is a team of incredible talent from around the globe. The team is comprised of veteran award winning editors, military & martial arts specialists and multiple feature film directors from the US and Canada .

Jennifer is on her way to being the first female director of a “bloody, violent action movie” without the use of special effects or stunt doubles. Jennifer’s specialty is producing and directing martial arts movies. She has more than 7 years of training in Karate, Muay Thai, MMA, Wushu sword dance, Krav Maga along with weapons such as guns, knife, machetes..
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The Ridgewood Guild’s 6th Annual Film Festival


Join us for the The Ridgewood Guild’s 6th Annual Film Festival: April 19, 20, and 21!

Purchase your tickets today:

Preliminary Schedule (subject to change)

Monday, April 18 – Film Festival Launch Party at Fish
Tuesday, April 19 – Festival Kickoff at the Ridgewood Public Library
Wednesday, April 20 – Festival Night 2 at Bow Tie Cinemas
Thursday, April 21 – Final Festival Night at Bow Tie Cinemas

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Congratulations to our youngest filmmaker for being accepted into our festival!!!! The Waiting Room will screen on Wed. April 20 at approximately 7:30.

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Congratulations Cat London…The Garden State Film Festival’s choice for best Home Grown Music Video, “The Right Way.” See Cat’s live performance of The Right Way at The Ridgewood Guild’s 6th Annual International Film Festival, Thurs. April 21.

Screening at The Ridgewood Guild International Film Festival on Wed. April 20. Two nostalgic entries on the iconic theme park…Palisades