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State of NJ Local Finance Board Gives Thumbs Down to Administrative Law Judge Recommendation 

UPDATE:  In the matter of Paul Aronsohn and Roberta Sonenfeld vs. State of NJ Local Finance Board

the staff of The Ridgewood Blog

Ridgewood NJ, members of the State of NJ Local Finance Board met in public via Microsoft Teams on Wednesday, April 14, 2021, and did not accept Administrative Law Judge Jude-Anthony Tiscorina’s recommendation to overturn and dismiss the Notices of Violation and corresponding fines issued to Paul Aronsohn and Roberta Sonenfeld.

Readers of The Ridgewood Blog no doubt recall that Mr. Aronsohn and Ms. Sonenfeld were each facing a $100 fine for ethics violations in connection with the production of a video posted to the Village’s website promoting a referendum.  Aronsohn and Sonenfeld used taxpayer funds to produce a video that promoted the building of a parking deck, which was the subject of a municipal referendum in 2016.  The Board determined that Aronsohn and Sonenfeld violated local ethics law when they “appeared in a video urging citizens to vote ‘yes’ on the referendum for the parking garage,” and promoted the video through the Village’s website and “via electronic mail.”  The Local Finance Board is the body that handles decisions on the complaints regarding the ethics of municipal and other local officials.

The Board voted six (6) vs. two (2) on Wednesday to remand the matter back to the Office of Administrative Law “for a finding of the intent under Sub Provision C.”


17 thoughts on “State of NJ Local Finance Board Gives Thumbs Down to Administrative Law Judge Recommendation 

  1. Poor Gwenn. Her booty call boy is still immersed in shit.

  2. How much is this costing the Village?

  3. “How much is this costing the Village?”

    Nothing. Frick and Frack are own their own. They each must pay their own legal bills.

  4. I believe the administrative law judge made the decision under some influence (political or other) when he asked the local finance board to overturn their decision. His decision had no merit.

  5. All this for $100?

  6. It may not be costing the village in money, it’s still another slap in the face, more embarrassment. Every day at something else isn’t it. I’m sure there’s more to come. They just don’t do the right thing. They think they can do whatever they like. The village doesn’t have the power anyone anymore. Not like in the past.

  7. This costs Ridgewood zero dollars. It costs Aronsohn and Sonenfeld plenty. This has been going on for years, since November of 2017. They have been paying attorneys since then. Serves them right. . They are low life dirtbags. They were so intent on their massive garage that they used public money (your tax dollars and mine) to promote their agenda in a video that they put together. This was an ethics violation plain and simple. They were so big for their britches. And remember Roberta trying to intercede when people were collecting signatures to try and stop the monster garage? Geez, what a crew they were.

  8. and thats the crew that put a for profit business in your neighborhood park using Ridgewood resources ( your tax dollars) for its private profit. wait until little Johnny whose parents are paying for him to come to habernickel falls in the trails or on village property. $$$ tax dollars for that law suit too!

  9. What is the status of Garage
    elevator Flood -WaterGate investigation

    They just expect taxpayers to eat this screw up ..are we suing the contractor or architect

    Ps garage has No ROOF
    in elevator or Storm Drain design

  10. Everyone is so sure this will cost us no money.
    If Gwen’s squeeze wins he’s gonna ask the town to pay his legal fees.

  11. I still have the original article on my bulletin board. It cheers me up to look at it.

  12. Someone wrote: “Everyone is so sure this will cost us no money.
    If Gwen’s squeeze wins he’s gonna ask the town to pay his legal fees.”

    Nope. This cannot happen. The suit wAs brought by the Local Finance Board in Trenton. Ridgewood’s hands are not in this.

  13. “Everyone is so sure this will cost us no money.
    If Gwen’s squeeze wins he’s gonna ask the town to pay his legal fees.”

    Not happening so long as Susan, Mike, and Lorraine are on the VC.

  14. Oh it cost a village plenty. Because certain management employees benefit greatly from them. Yes you know Them.

    Ass kissers.

  15. And now another related move by the dimwits on the Village Council – ParkMobile had a security breach and your personal data was compromised – you remember why the Village switched to this app don’t you – the parking meter caper! 🤪.

    The dumb keep getting dumber AND RICHER, and we keep voting for them.

    You can’t make this crap up – one f-up after another! The hits just keep on coming.

  16. Isn’t it amazing the screw ups in the Village of Ridgewood. It really is hilarious they should be a TV show in town. Because you can’t make this shit up. So much goes on every single day. Can you imagine the stuff that the average person doesn’t hear. See people are working home now and they are seeing more and more of the bullshit.

  17. Just saw this. Paulie and Berta got what they deserved. They screwed us and now they are both screwed. Hahaha

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