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>Our very own Boston Tea Party

>My friends you may not know this, but you are witnessing the first shot of the revolution. I begin the revolt of the parents for our children in our schools against all forms of reform math.

I will refuse to allow my children to be taught in this ridiculous way. I will not be intimidated by your PhDs in Education, I represent the thousands of parents who have achieved great success with traditional math education and are the generation of proof that it works. We will begin to send back your silly TERC books, filled with nonsense. We will instruct our children to refuse to draw pictures, not to write math stories and to call it an “equation” with symbols rather than the silly “math sentence.” If you have the audacity to chide them for using REAL math, we will come down to the school en masse and picket with large signs that say NO MORE BAD MATH or JUST SAY NO TO TERC, MATH IS A TERRIBLE THING TO WASTE.

You can decide to allow reform math to continue, but you will find us, your customers and clients, no longer willing to comply. We will throw out the TERC2 and CMP2 workbooks and send our children in with traditional texts. Our children will become math literate despite the poor programs implemented.

Declare a boycott of Pearson Publishing and its subsidiaries until its salespeople stop pushing reform math programs on our schools based on weak and laughable research.

Welcome to history, welcome to the beginning of the parental revolution, welcome to the beginning of the day when the public was put back in public education. Let this be our declaration of independence and the start of our revolutionary war.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all children are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that primary among our children’s rights is the right to an adequate and true education. Within that right, there shall be included a strong mathematical education.

A math education defined by mathematicians rather than educators and includes the following tenets. 1) Our schools should focus on math programs on the basis of their content and from hereon pedagogy will be driven by clear, detailed, and well documented mathematical content. 2) A math program should include a logical sequencing of topics, honoring the scholarly subject entitled mathematics. 3) A quality math program will not include for any grade other than Kindergarten the use of scissors, glue, paperclips, M&M’s or any other object that is now defined as a manipulative and acceptable for exceeding assessment benchmarks. No, our children will have the high and honorable goal of a math program desiring them to use the abstract symbols and language of mathematics. 4) A quality math program will emphasize the learning of necessary math facts & standard algorithms. 5) The math program should use the proper language of mathematics and not invent new unnecessary or watered down terms.

We the parents of the children in the public education system are not happy. These are our children whose educational fate you decide. Shame on those of you for not including the educated parents of this country in this debate and shame on those of you for ignoring parents concerns; for it is OUR children who will be known as the LOST Mathematical Generation, OUR children who will not be able to make change without a calculator, OUR CHILDREN who in their elementary years are being limited in their future by reform math’s limitation of its teachings. It is our children you doom and it is done without even giving a PARENT THE CHOICE FOR THE CHILD.

Thomas Jefferson’s vision of public education would NOT have included drawing circles to add and subtract. Jefferson would be angered when he saw mathematics taught with scissors and glue. Jefferson would be irate when he saw that educators dismiss the outcries of parents. Jefferson would weep at the thought that his dear United States of America would lose an entire generation of its educated society because a British publisher wanted to make more money selling manipulatives with programs like TERC and CMP than selling real textbooks. Just as patriots broke open tea chests and heaved them into Boston harbor, with other patriots at other seaports following that example and staging similar acts of resistance, so too should parents be throwing TERC2 and CMP2 workbooks into a harbor or river or recycling bin – our very own Boston tea party.

We, the parents, will ultimately triumph because it is Our children, not children of the state or education system. And for OUR children, their education is more important and held more dearly than any social, political, economical, or ideological agenda.

It is on the shoulders of parents across this nation, that a generation of children will not be lost in their math education. And those that recognize this and stand in recognition will provide to the future of this great nation, mathematically capable citizens to lead us throughout the 21st century. And that success will be none for reform math.

17 thoughts on “>Our very own Boston Tea Party

  1. >I used to write comments on our children’s homework asking what is a math sentence.

    Recently, I suggested that our child no longer spend time doing silly ass TERC homework. It is a waste of time.

    I like the idea of a boycott.

    Count me in.

  2. >I would guesstimate that the vast majority of parents will not boycott because they do not want to upset the teacher or the principal, they fear retribution, they fear what others will think of them and they don’t want their kiddies to be singled out.

    Given the choice, I would think most parents would choose being a social slut over being an advocate for their children. In other words, they’ll attend a tea party but not this type of tea party.

  3. >The Department of Education Study Group Task Group affirms that algebra is the gateway to more advanced mathematics and to most postsecondary education.

    Proficiency with whole numbers, fractions, and particular aspects of geometry are the Critical Foundation of Algebra. Emphasis on these essential concepts and skills must be provided at the elementary and middle grade levels.

    The coherence and hierarchical nature of mathematics dictate the foundational skills that are necessary for the learning of algebra. By the nature of algebra, the most important among them is proficiency with fractions (including decimals, percent, and negative fractions). The teaching of fractions must be acknowledged as critically important and improved before an increase in student achievement in algebra can be expected.

    Copied from VORMATH.INFO which has tons of factual information on why Ridgewood Math program sucks wind.

  4. >I hope I will be allowed to comment even though I no longer live in Ridgewood. I grew up in Ridgewood, living there from the mid-40s until the early 70s. I remember when Valley Hospital was built and everyone lining up to get badges at Graydon Pool! I remember ice skating on the duck pond and buying ice cream at Terwilliger & Wakefield during the summer. I also remember the outstanding education I received in the Ridgewood Public Schools and the dedicated teachers who enriched our lives with their knowledge and wisdom. Now, I’m beginning to think I had the privilege of living in Ridgewood during the last good time!

    I found this blog while engaging in a search about Ridgewood on the internet. I have often thought that I would like to return and spend time living there again. What I read on this blog has completely changed my mind!

    I feel sad for all of you mainly because of the extraordinarily high price you must pay for these problems created to a large degree by a little narcissism mixed with a lot of affluence! Too many geese, an ever expanding Valley Hospital, McMansions, land grabs, parking woes, speeding on Linwood Avenue, and contrived math programs that leave children and their parents stampeding to tutors! I suppose this kind of thing is being repeated all over.

    I wish all of you the best as you struggle to find a solution. There is something to be said for doing things the old fashioned way especially when it comes to the three Rs! It worked for the greatest generation! If I were a parent with children in the schools today, I would oppose that math program.

    My heart goes out to the teacher who posted the list. I think she/he was saying that while everyone is focusing on the math merry-go-round, this is what we are doing on a daily basis for you and your children.

  5. >Fear not! My husband and I did this several times last year. Neither of my children’s (elementary) teachers retaliated any way. We made our concerns very clear to them in September – we want our kids to learn challenging, grade-level math and to not get frustrated wasting time with some of the silly/pointless features of TERC. My kids do the problems given using traditional algorithms. When given tedious cut and paste projects, or problems that ask them to solve in multiple ways using laborious methods, they solve the best way they can (usually the traditional algorithm they have been taught at home) and leave the rest out. Sometmes, we have attached an alternate assignment on the same topic (multiplication problems, for example) to show that we are willing to have the children do work, just not pointless work.

    We have not tried it this year with our youngest child. For our oldest, life is much better this year…she’s in a private school.

  6. >California legislated TERC out of the schools…California!! California!!

  7. >I’d like to throw more than just tea overboard!

  8. >My compliments to the author of the ‘…Boston Tea Party…’ entry. I’m in: My children’s TERC homework will be replaced with grade-appropriate Singapore math.

  9. >Thank you for the recommendation. I will implement it immediately. It will be a relief for my son who doesn’t like to write so many sentences in math. The teacher told him he was also learning grammar in math. I want to know what ever happened to studying English in elementary school? Now, they must do it in math.

  10. >2:36pm

    Well, at least he is learning grammar somewhere:)

  11. >The pandering to female verbal skills are killing our kids, both male and female. The root cause of all this crap is the equity requirements, or, affirmative action for females. We all know that if you want to keep them down – subsidize and pander to them. Make others feel sorry for them because the US of A has made them pathetic. Horsepucky!

  12. >For 2:19PM

    I’m in: My children’s TERC homework will be replaced with grade-appropriate Singapore math.

    Don’t be shocked when your child cannot do grade appropriate material from Singapore Math right away.

    TERC will do that to a child.

  13. >If they are adding grammar to the math programs to help females, are they adding math to the English programs to help males?

  14. >11:29am .. they are denuding the males of their curriculum across all subjects (including PE and recess)

  15. >It’s the feminist curriculum directors like Regina. We have to get away from hiring such politicized, affirmative action, diversity driven police women. The question is, what do we do with the one we have now? How do we convince her to leave so that we can get back to curriculum matters across the board?

  16. >well if do not like can move.

  17. >Sorry 8:38, but it’s the transients who dropped into our lovely town and decided to change it who should leave. when, exactly did you arrive?

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