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Parking meter debacle on North Walnut Street


July 14,2015
Boyd A. Loving

Ridgewoood NJ, If you’ve ever received a summons for overtime parking at meter #218 on North Walnut Street alongside the Post Office, this may be your lucky day.

Meter #218 is currently configured to allow 15-minute parking only.  However, the current Village Code stipulates that particular parking spot should be equipped with a meter that permits up to 3-hour parking.

DSCF8790 1

Section 265-29 of the Village Code specifically designates only two (2) 15-minute (1/4 hour) parking spaces on the East side of North Walnut Street between East Ridgewood and Franklin Avenues.  Meter #218 is the third in a series of three (3) 15-minute (1/4 hour) spaces there.

So, if you received a summons for overtime parking at meter #218, and you were parked for less than 3-hours, your summons may be bogus.  I suggest you visit the Violations Bureau at Village Hall if you think that you might have been bamboozled.

Village Council members are expected to introduce & approve a revision the Village Code authorizing an additional 15-minute parking space alongside the Post Office, but that could take months.  Until then, just remember that any summons issued for overtime parking (for less than 3-hours) at meter #218 may not be legit.


4 thoughts on “Parking meter debacle on North Walnut Street

  1. It really isn’t a case of being “bamboozled”. The meter was clearly marked as a 15-minute one. What this really is, is a error on the part of whoever was responsible for the inconsistent language in the Village Code, for which anyone who got a ticket is now able to get that ticket reversed due to what is a loophole.

  2. the levelof incompetence at Village Hall is astonishing. While this is clearly a relatively minor issue, it still demonstrates the fact that whoever manages things in Ridgewood is not getting the job done. Let’s see, who is the manager?

  3. Mistake upon mistake, but no one’s head ever seems to roll. What a way to run a business. Oops; sorry. It’s government, not business.

  4. coin boy rolled out of town. right , thank you.

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