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ParkMobile Fee Set to Increase on December 1st in Ridgewood

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the staff of the Ridgewood Blog

Ridgewood NJ, effective December 1, 2023, the ParkMobile “convenience fee” in Ridgewood will increase 25%, from 40 cents to 50 cents per transaction.

The rate increase will impact all parking zones; the Hudson Street Parking Garage, all surface lots, and on-street parking are included.

For unknown reasons, the Village has yet to officially announce the upcoming 25% fee increase, which was approved by Village Council members on November 8.

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21 thoughts on “ParkMobile Fee Set to Increase on December 1st in Ridgewood

  1. It would be useful if someone could do the math, as the pay to park encourages customers to avoid shopping in town.
    Revenue from parking, revenue from tickets, less cost of equipment, cars, salaries etc.
    What is the bottom line net $$… unless its significant, get rid of the meters

  2. That reminds me.
    Paul Vagianos and Jeanne Johnson promised at multiple occasions that once the parking garage is built, CBD valuation will go up, ratables will go up and Ridgewood residents will get a tax break. Paul mentioned this at multiple council meetings at public comments and also via North Jersey articles. Jeannie mentioned that at multiple podcasts.
    Time to increase those ratables???

    1. Jeannie is a genius. I always listen to her for advise.

  3. This is terrible news. Can you imagine how this is going to affect the shoppers. They’re not utilizing the garage now, I think they need to post a whole of the earnings income from there.

    1. Perhaps this would explain why there was no official announcement from the Village. That is, never announce bad news, especially during the peak holiday shopping season.

      1. Like the proposed furloughs for village staff last year because all of the money was earmarked for a sports field. Then throngs of staff showed up and Paul lost his fruit loops.

        1. Threats of furloughs and weeks later another paid holiday for Juneteenth. What say you Ms. Due Diligence?

  4. You can still use a credit card in the machine and pay zero fees.

    1. In Glen Rock you can only use PM with a credit card, and the fee is built in.

      They earlier raised the fee from 35 cents to 45 cents.

  5. Am I mistaken but isn’t it true you’ll pay no EXTRA fees if you use a credit card but you still have to pay a hefty–and ridiculous–sum for parking? No wonder shoppers are decreasing in Ridgewood. One can get the same items almost anywhere and pay no horrendous parking fees as well. We have done nothing to encourage shoppers. Instead we have done almost everything imaginable to discourage them. I would even dare to assume that at this point even our Mayor is seeing less income from his properties. OH, wait, he guarantees himself a lavish income from all the “Feed the Heroes” food purchases he has directed to his properties!

  6. I’ll stay home and shop on Amazon. And have everything delivered to me for free. Right to my doorstep. No driving no gas no miles on my car, not paying for parking. I would never pay for parking in Ridgewood.

  7. People wait until next year. The shit show is going to explode. No money. Cut the budget by 10% .

  8. And who is running the park and ride lot on 17.

  9. I don’t care.
    I stopped supporting the CBD businesses and avoid the CBD if at all possible after they installed the parking garage and park mobile.

  10. So I view the parking meters basically as “ticket insurance”. I

    If i park, I either get a ticket or don’t get a ticket. And I have either paid or did not pay
    1. Didnt pay and didnt get a ticket – a good day; usually works for short stops
    2. Paid and didnt get a ticket – as expected
    3. Didn’t pay and got a ticket – thems the breaks
    4. Paid and got a ticket -should not happen, but if it does you might have a case to get the fine removed.

    So i cant pay the insurance (parking ticket fee) and that covers 2 and 4.

    Or avoid paying and self insure – 1 and 3.

    I have had like 2 tickets in the past year; $50. That cover about 20-40 parking stints. So far, I’m ahead.

    1. Very interesting analysis which shows the town is overcharging for parking, incentivizing bad actors. By the way, f Park Mobile is such an innovative tech company, why do we ahve to worry about which machine we buy our parking ticket from? it’s confusing given there are often 2-3 machines nearby.

    2. Somehow, I suspect that their version of the Parkmobile app alerts them as soon as a space becomes an overtime parking event………..

      1. right. so better to not pay at all (or just avoid the CBD

  11. Have never used the garage or park mobile and never will.

  12. This is just terrible. I refuse to use PARKMobile and I use quarters. But I prefer not to pay for parking at all so I will just go to Glen Rock and Westwood. This additional inconvenience fee probably discourages people from using the parking garage. Why not have lower rates in the parking garage to try to get traffic off the streets?

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