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Permit Amnesty Program , Potholes and Animal Sightings …


E Notice –

Dear E-Notice Residents,

We haven’t been in communications via E-Notice for a while! And I was actually hesitating sending this note out as there may be little if any impact on you as a result of our new Amnesty Program but decided on balance it would be good to communicate on this topic. I have attached a copy of the Permit Amnesty Program that the Building Department is offering for residential work that has been previously completed without having the required permits. This program is based on the review of more than 650 pending applications as well as discussions with residents. This program runs through August 21, 2015.

Two other topics that I would like to mention while I have your ear. First of all potholes: over the last several weeks we have received calls from about 450 residents, others have used our website application, resulting in the filling of over 2,000 potholes around town. Please keep that input coming – although our staff is also on the lookout for potholes, our best source of information is you.

I know that there has been news stories about animal sightings, sometimes the animals – mainly raccoons and coyotes- are rabid. If an animal looks like they are intoxicated or displaying weird behavior, you are encouraged to call the Police Department. I would also suggest that if you see a coyote, rabid or otherwise, please phone the Police Department……if we get several sightings I will put out an E-Notice. Unfortunately we cannot as yet target an E-Notice to a geographic area within the Village but we will indicate in the notice where the sightings have occurred.

You do not need to receive an E-Notice to communicate with me – please always feel free to share your observations and feedback. I had my April Meet the Manager session last evening and my next one will be on Saturday, May 23rd from 9 – noon.

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Have a great spring, Roberta

Best regards,


Roberta Sonenfeld
Village Manager
201-670-5500, ext. 203

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