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Reader asks what does HealthBarn have on Ridgewood ?

snow storm healthbarn

photo transformer down on Hillcrest

You have got to be kidding!!! Susan, to the best of my knowledge you want to be reelected and you are not brain dead. What does this woman have on the town of Ridgewood? It has to be current or the council would not have done this. I’ll be honest. This present council, you included, have just put the final nail in your coffins. All you have done since taking office is spend, spend, spend. This woman is running a partially illegal operation (Have you ever looked at her insurance or is that something else the Village is paying for?) and taking the whole park for her personal use with, obviously, the council’s permission. I know your sons’ appointments fit legal guidelines but I’m even beginning to partially believe the constant slams about that that you receive. It is beginning to look like that may be the ONLY accomplishment you are going to be able to claim for your actions during this term! Residents and town businesses are suffering and you put generators in a business that is not even earned by a village resident!!! You must think the taxpayers of this town are total idiots and you are proving that with almost every action you take. How can you look at yourself in the mirror?

9 thoughts on “Reader asks what does HealthBarn have on Ridgewood ?

  1. It’s simple , it’s who you know not what we all know.

  2. This needs to and should have been investigated years ago. April is 3 years of this business in a neighborhood. Put here by the past council but no changes to improve by present council

  3. Blaming the current mayor is irresponsible. There is a contract in place. HealthBarn should be given far fewer perks and removed the second the contract is up. The whole thing was a Sonenfeld Special and utterly unfair to its neighbors (among whom I am not one). It was awful and is getting worse.

  4. Present council members are not leaders, not effective, and have almost no real experience. All we hear is how it is past councils fault, we can do nothing to lead or change things, but we are nice people.

    What real work,experience do any of these people have The mayor has only been very effective at getting her family lifetime village paychecks and pensions, making sure her family concerns at the old wreck of debris now called a historic house is covered, and spending on foolish items. Sedon has never had a challenging job, been a leader, or even owned a house. The schools are just as bad, 100M a year, sinking rankings and we hear about banning some dart games. Unreal

    We have to demand better. Wake up folks

  5. You know what this mayor and council and the village manager needs to go through this whole town and see what’s really going on. There are so many unhappy people that pay taxes are not getting the services that we deserve we had enough. We know that there’s so many departments in town that are short on staff that needs to be fixed. Things are not getting repaired because of the lack of power. Just look at the city what’s going on in this past storm, but all these locations that we had trees and powerlines down we are not seen any work there’s room for sites why is that.

  6. Healthbarn was the worst business deal in the history of Ridgewood politics!

    If the present council members cannot see that, then

    Susan Knudsen: incompetent, a disgrace and should resign in shame immediately!
    Michael Sedon: incompetent, a disgrace and should resign in shame immediately!
    Ramon Hache: incompetent, a disgrace and should resign in shame immediately!
    Jeff Voigt: incompetent, a disgrace and should resign in shame immediately!
    Bernadette Walsh: incompetent, a disgrace and should resign in shame immediately!

    Did I mention that Healthbarn was a “done deal” before the supposedly “public meeting” in November 2015? For some reason, the former council wanted Healthbarn in a residential neighborhood and said whatever it took (er, lied!) to the voting constituents to make it happen.

    To the present council: stop subsidizing this for-profit Healthbarn business and the conniving Stacy Antine with taxpayer money and get Healthbarn out of a residential neighborhood or YOU WILL BE VOTED OUT !!!!!!!!!


    1. how about we prosecute the former Village manager and council?

  7. Yup ‘. Time for a new crew to run this town . Can’t we get people that have real experience in government.

  8. That would be a great idea if the present council had done anything at all to prove their decisions were both unwise and unwarranted. Basically all we have been hearing is “it’s not my/our fault. The previous council did it and now we are stuck with their decisions.” If our present council can think of no actions that might actually benefit Ridgewood and it’s residents except to constantly cry “boo hoo, we didn’t do it.” then they are worthless and should all be replaced. Did our town lawyer ever get asked to look into these problems? Did the health barn lease get released to the public so we can see why you think your hands are tied? Or did you race to supply that poor lady with generators to help her keep her business open and active while her neighbors had no power and could do nothing in their own homes? Prosecution requires some research and effort on the part of the current council. They have to show proof for prosecution and they seem to be totally unwilling to seek some; or to release these things under the Sunshine Law and let the Ridgewood residents who are competent take a look and see what, if anything, can be done. Two years of either concealed actions or no actions at all are all we can see from our present council. That is worth repeating for another four?

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