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Reader calls the Hudson Garage , “The biggest Scam is the massive non conforming concrete Hudson street parking structure”

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The biggest Scam is the massive non conforming concrete Hudson street parking structure planned right across the street from that historic church ; who did little to stop this assault of that neighborhood.Reap what yee shall sow from these out of town developers ..they will be the first ones getting out of
ridgewood with the loot ,leaving taxpayers with the massive liability for Schools , Services and more town employees with pensions ! to service more apartments and children with multi family
developments.Just wait..

19 thoughts on “Reader calls the Hudson Garage , “The biggest Scam is the massive non conforming concrete Hudson street parking structure”

  1. With a confluence of narrow and one-way streets, this is the WORST of all possible locations to build a garage. Leave it to a salesman mayor to drag it over the finish line. And while you’re at it, maybe you should raise parking rates again.

  2. Who’s going to maintain this big structure. Liter ,sweeping, snow plowing, snow removal, salting, Parking space painting, graffiti removal, and just every day maintenance. Anybody you think about this.

  3. We have the best politician money can buy….so it has been said.

  4. EPIC FAIL PEOPLE..A Blight all around ..these targetted restaurants and halls will be long gone with taxpayers holding the Bag for this scandal.

  5. Princeton has three municipal parking lots and commercial rents in town are more than double that of Ridgewood. Same with Morristown. Of course retail property owners are also paying property taxes without any benefit from the schools… might be time to stop complaining and just accept facts.

  6. How about the drug deals that the police will need to address? Close to the train and a perfect spot.

  7. Add in drug addict body removal expenses..might as well build a ramp overpass into the garage from the Paterson platform inbound trains..that’s a reality check folks..Wild West conditions up on those raised floors and stairwells…
    security rent a cops are a joke,,,,Stop this mistake ,,cut our losses now,pay off the penalties and pave the lots

  8. The mock up fantasy picture In itself is a fraud ..
    As if the corner building on the church side has become Invisible….imagine a hook and ladder trying to do a wheely around that corner across from the wine store

    the whole concept and graphic layout is a fraud as if is a greenfield site build out…

    a complete joke, but the joke is on us and that neighborhood,,should be cancelled alone based on public safety regulations ..who is running this zoo..? ?

  9. About time! There’s been talk and study after study for a garage in Ridgewood! Bravo!

  10. I like to have the job as the parking official attended at the new site please.

  11. I wonder who made the negative comment about Paterson? Remember the “Paterson Palms” comment?

  12. Yep, Ridgewood is a haven for drug addicts by the station…. what’s the matter with you? And it’s the retired cops & their union who want to protect “home rule” that always bring up the specter of Paterson-like crime. Again, what’s the matter with you and your racist undertones?

  13. Yes, and its the retired cops & their union who are responsible for the leaves not being pick up when scheduled.

  14. Sure, if you say so retired cop

  15. I guess when we don’t become a drug addict haven then the “home rule” argument is pretty much blown out of the water, huh? Watch for retired cops and their union thugs to purposely deface the garage with graffiti and complain about ice! Or we could just merge the police departments of Ridgewood, Glen Rock, Midland Park, Waldwick and Ho-Ho-Kus like taxpayer groups have been calling for all these years and call it a day. One chief and brass instead of five. Shared savings on vehicle upkeep & maintenance, shared purchasing of equipment & supplies, only one HQ instead of five, etc.

  16. Merging all those PD would appear to make sense.
    There is no saving on vehicle maintenance.. Dealers do not discount their rate.
    Same for aquisittion of vehicles….it’s a state bid.
    Possible savings on numerous headquarters buildings but residents would demand staffed precincts in their own towns.
    We could possibly save on Chief salaries…. But since NJ is owned by the unions, you can bet there would be legislation requiring a lot more “brass” such as captains (who make almost as much as a cheif in base salary), leutientants, sergeants etc.. And with all those promotions it could end up costing a lot more.

  17. The garage looks terrible..looks like a ten years they will have tear it down
    as the body count increases…fixed point for dealing between a Train station and NJT Bus station.Rental Cars on ramps to come next as financials collapse.Blight.

  18. Agree with all these comments – but where was everyone when the rest of us were speaking up against this monstrosity? have you reached out to tell Hache and Knudsen directly what a stupid plan this is?

  19. The location is idiotic…
    How will all these cars come and go?

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