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Reader claims island at train station provides safety and attractiveness to the town

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I know that taking away islands is Knudsen’s idea. I mean that she is working in the spirit of Aronsohn and gang, continuing their work so to speak. Therefore Aronshon and gang get a bonus, a reward. Aronsohn and gang overdeveloped the town as much as possible, but didn’t think of islands at train station. Knudsen did think of it, continuing to tear away at what provides safety and attractiveness to the town. A narrow path at train station makes it virtually impossible for shoppers at farmers market to traverse the area. Commuters will find it much more dangerous to get to their parked cars.
. If CBD is sometimes too crowded to park , so is Westfield Garden State Plaza. And so is Paramus Park Mall and Fashion Center sometimes too crowded. Hey, this is Bergen County. One million people live here.
Hudson St. is the worst possible intersection for a parking garage. Too congested,creating a traffic mess. The garage will never pay for itself; raising parking meter rates to one dollar will keep people away.

13 thoughts on “Reader claims island at train station provides safety and attractiveness to the town

  1. This will be another project that will be over built over budget and ugly because “Bike Lane” will be drawing up the plans. For what 20 spaces. I just wonder if its worth it.

  2. First we have the golden bathrooms now we are going to have the golden parking spaces. Is this one of the project that the Mayor is going to tout on her re election bid?

  3. Building for peak or political cover means taxpayers being taken for a very expensive lesson for some politicians reaction to the store owners whining
    when Amazon and Free parking towns “eat their lunch” The worlds changing folks…let’s not chase these rabbits down some old dreamers reason why
    their business is in decline.An inconvenient truth happening globally.

  4. Knudsen would say that a former planning board member , I if I remember correctly, or someone, suggested the idea to her. But in any case she is running with it. Full speed.

    Knudsen and Sedon think they are compromising with smaller garage and smaller field in Schedler and “attractive narrow path” at train station. And thereby pleasing everyone. They don’t realize in the least, what they are doing to the town what they are destroying, or they don’t care.

    Wooodn’t it be Wonderful (My Fair Lady) if council members, really did have a vision of the town, things they really loved about Ridgewood and wanted to preserve, things felt from the gut and the heart, and were willing to explain that to the public and stick with their vision. That certain look, that certain charm that certain feel. Why destroy it.

    A well-known environmental lawyer said that when he drives along the highway in NJ, he points out to his children the open space he saved from development.

    It’s true they were against multi family housing, that was fine. But it didn’t help.

  5. Oh come o people lets get real here. This project is not about the business community one bit. It is intended solely to provide more parking for commuters…..which incidentally is sorely needed.

  6. The Mayor might as well have said “An undisclosed source close to the investigation” just like CNN

  7. 8:24 is absolutely correct.I walked past the cottage and walnut lots this Monday morning before the Parkers were in place.surface conditions are a shambles .A town employee with cart was trying to do litter pickup
    and was like seeing a small soul trying to clean up a battlefield of broken asphalt curbs and large potholes .Top it off with Town Garage hazardous sight and I guess Potterville is officially we doin’Brownie…RIDGEWOOD Is sadly a broken Town…future raised garages and less walkways at the station is
    another foolish floundering session.Who exactly is this being done for?
    THE STORES AND BUSINESS CONCERNS..not the day to day taxpayers..peace..Amazon shall own this and more…

  8. Again I say, the citizens of Ridgewood owe the merchants in town nothing. Nothing at all. They have made the sidewalks almost impassable. They put up walls and fences to keep people from being able to get out of their car if they have the audacity to park in front of their business, etc, etc. They aren’t interested in subsidizing valet parking, or parking in general. We had no meters in the past, but having meters has not alleviated the parking problem of every employee parking directly in front of their own store. Wouldn’t we better off with permit parking (with a window sticker and a fee) for transients going to work? With no meters we wouldn’t have had the quarters stolen, or the excessive fee we were tricked into paying for our current parking program. We could still have some parking people with chalk marking the tires and could reduce that staff considerably. (I still haven’t heard why we had to hire all those extra attendants because “They said” that our current meter people weren’t capable of learning the new system.) Open your eyes! This is all a deep dirty pit of good money going after bad. If enough people would act, maybe we could solve some of these problems before they overwhelm us.

  9. Without the commuter home values tank – providing daily parking to the workers who go into New York is good for everyone

  10. Who in the world things a parking lot needs to be attractive. Give it up you guys. Some extra parking spaces that could save us from a garage, sounds like a win to me.

  11. 6:25 “Some extra parking spaces that could save us from a garage, ” You think that these extra parking spaces will save us from the proponents of building a parking garage. Drink some more of that kool aid.

  12. take a look down at Patterson from the NJT main line train heading south to Secaucus..

    this too shall be our destination when we say that broken up road surfaces and disrepaired ashalt and concrete walkways..and parking lots are a lawyers dream for those who are injured ,,imagine what a broken leg Hip or knee or head injury will cost us in falling in and down lawsuits in dark winters.

    the surface lots need to be fixed replaced and maintained also for visitors trade..go to a real town like Westfield and see how municipal parking lots are maintained and managed like a real town of professionals ..have we sunk so far that we just say screw’s covered up by cars most of the time…towns going to fact half way there…People,wake up demand management to do their jobs…not rocket science..these tasks,and maintenance planning are done in cities all across the world and usa.

  13. 6:21 we have now arrived at beat down central..agree to anything if the hacks promise to delay an unneeded raised Garage town neighborhood killer for the housing vultures looking down apon us..they are waiting us out..wearing us down for their Hudson st raised multi family units in town that need a garage to get approved for parking zoning it big..HA !! they think we are all asses…

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