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Reader claims Ridgewood Pickleball players are being discriminated against


the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, reader claims Pickleball players are being discriminated against :

“Again it appears that Pickleball players are being discriminated against. The Glen Courts pickleball courts have limited hours and days which they can be used. Three of the residents who complained about the sound live further from the courts than is necessary for restrictions. Gail Howard and Alan & Gladys Chinitz live on the other side of the field on which is played soccer, lacrosse, baseball & softball. Simon Lee, an affable neighbor, bought his home October 2020 from Carole Kling. The Pickleball courts were already there. There was much playing at that time due to covid and non-residents also had badges. The courts were active until the Mayor locked them on 12/31/20. There was a sound study done which proved that the sound was lower than allowed. It is hard to understand why closing the Glen courts on Mondays & Fridays makes a difference to the sound. People who work during the week may have a three day weekend and would like to play on one of those days. There doesn’t seem to be a logical reason for those two days to have empty courts. Most of the pickleball at Glen Courts is played for two hours in the morning and is played as doubles. The rest of the time the courts are not in use except for occasional games in the afternoon. If it rains on the days the courts are open then there is no play at all. From what I understand the fields and courts in the village should be treated the same.”

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