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>Reader gives :Top ten reasons to live in Ridgewood


10. Our Board of Education is bored of traditional education, so they leave it to the administrators to screw up.
9. The Village still has its reputation to live off.
8. With so many restaurants here, you’ll never go hungry for a nice meal–you can bank on that.
7. Our town swimming pool allows us to enjoy nature and, incidentally, nature’s droppings.
6. In the Village of Ridgewood, the Village Idiots get courtesy parking at Village Hall, courtesy of the Village Council.
5. Taxpayers have a luxury building in which to pay their taxes (but don’t enter if all you need is to use the bathroom).
4. The New York Times will still do stories on Ridgewood as a bell weather community even if people laugh AT us not WITH us.
3. We are working on making pay to play respectable again.
2. We think reform math is the next new great leap forward in education.
1. It’s a Village of large houses so your children will always have a quiet place to meet with their tutors.

70 thoughts on “>Reader gives :Top ten reasons to live in Ridgewood

  1. >I have been a teacher here for a really long time. I work hard every day and hope that I can inspire a love of learning within every child. I hold myself and my students to high standards. I believe I have a positive reputation with the parents as well.

    The changes in our schools that I have seen over time involve more than just curricular ones.

    There was a time when Ridgewood families put their child’s education first. I was never asked to excuse a child from doing homework because a busy after-school schedule prevented him/her from doing the assignment. Now I receive several notes like that from parents every week.

    There was a time when a parent would be concerned if their child performed poorly on a quiz or a test. After a conference, a solution to the problem would involve some extra-help for the child and retesting would take place. The spirit of that interaction was always one of encouragement for the child to work harder and to come to understand the concepts presented. Now if I give a poor grade to a child, I am often put on the defensive as to why I didn’t do this or that to make the child succeed. We often never get to the place where the child has to take responsibility for the grade.

    All of those changes impact the level of excellence of a school system. The kids now are very busy after school, and that helps them build important skills. I am not saying they should not have those experiences. I am just saying that it does affect the level of performance in the classroom.

    I am very upset by the tone of this blog in terms of our schools. We all want to make them the best.

    I hope there is a way to do that without ruining the community feel of Ridgewood in the attempt.

  2. >I agree about Brooklyn Pizza. the Pizza is good…but my family was in there once….and there were no tables available…so I ordered two pies to go….by the time they were ready, there was a table open with no one waiting so I asked if we could sit down. They really gave us a hard time about it and really did not want us to sit down….they basically ignored us from then on. Last time I went to Brooklyn Pizza…..

  3. >”I am very upset by the tone of this blog in terms of our schools. We all want to make them the best.”

    1. If you’re so upset by the tone of this blog, then stop going on it.

    2. Our BOE and Botsford have done a darn good job of making sure our schools aren’t the best.

  4. >9:42 if you are upset by the “tone” of this blog then perhaps you are a wee bit too sensitive. But that is one of the problems with our schools. Too much sensivity training leads to intolerance. A healthy and humorous disregard for political correctness is necessary for mankind to maintain its freedoms.

    BTW, I’m upset by the tone of your union. It is to blame for so much, it’s impossible to list all these things here.

  5. >#4 is so true. They laughed at us as far away as Michigan for forcing families to take a day off to play board games at home with their children. Canceling homework, after school sports, everything. And they get to pick the day. Give these busybodies 10 seconds and they’ll find a way to dictate our lives. Could you imagine if they had 10 minutes?

  6. >notice PJ her”tone” comment has almost nothing to do with the rest of what she said …dont the fools at the BOE know they are in deep do do in this town where everyones property values hinge on the schools being excellent ?

  7. >Fugheddabout Brooklyn Pizza …. for the best pizza go to Nellie’s in Waldwick …. also lots of free parking.

  8. >Nellie’s is a working class dump.

  9. >The chef from Kincley’s brought that great tasting pizza to Nellie’s. It’s also a lot closer than Kinchley’s.

  10. >But it is still a working class dump.

  11. >I wouldn’t call Nellies a dump. What’s wrong with a “working class” establishment? You sound a bit highfalutin 8:13 AM.

  12. >Nothing wrong with working class folks. Just not the sort of folks I care to dine with.

    Nellie’s is still a dump.


  13. >NQOCD? not quite obsessive compulsive disorder? If so, stay out of the kitchens of ALL restaurants or you’ll freak!!

  14. >Not quite our class dear.

  15. >Well NQOCD …. YAAFU!

  16. >Eating pizza is not “dining”. It’s eating pizza. They even allow Bentleys in the parking lot.

  17. >Puzo’s is better.

  18. >Oh, but I forgot, you can’t get your bud lite there. But you could have your wife carry your six pack in for you.

  19. >Puzo’s, Brooklyn Pizza and Kinchley’s all have excellent pizza – they are three disctinct styles though, so to compare them is pointless. I have noticed that the Brooklyn Pizza staff is pretty unfriendly.

  20. >sicilian sun hohokus BEST pizza ever. been eatin there for 30 years.

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