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Reader says , “TIME TO HAVE A SUPPORT THE BLUE Rally in Ridgewood.”

photo by Boyd loving

“And again. No publicity is the human trafficking rally July 30. Ridgewood is becoming a joke. I saw the Facebook pictures most likely trying to cause a controversy.
I was absolutely appalled when I saw the pics and video posted in the comments of the RWPD actually blocked the roads to let these losers walk the streets. They even had no leader in the front. I am 100 percent behind ridgewood police. I am sure the orders to do this came from above.
Ridgewood had two protests or whatever they called it after Floyd. One at vets and one walk to the YMCA.
Enough is enough. The same guy with the bullhorn. Same people.
TIME TO HAVE A SUPPORT THE BLUE Rally in ridgewood.”

5 thoughts on “Reader says , “TIME TO HAVE A SUPPORT THE BLUE Rally in Ridgewood.”

  1. As long as they are peaceful and they pick up their litter. I couldn’t believe when I seen the chief of police take a knee please. All this taking a knee is ridiculous please stop. Do you have the right to freedom of speech you don’t need to take a knee. Voice your Opinion people will hear you. Just because any individual doesn’t like something you don’t just take a knee.

  2. I’m in

  3. No knew for me bro.

  4. “No knew for me bro.” Translation please.

  5. “TIME TO HAVE A SUPPORT THE BLUE Ralley in ridgewood”

    Honestly, what’s stopping you?

    Also, it’s Rally.

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