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Reader says Aronsohn’s puppets will just pick up where they left off


As I said previously, we have no candidates with new ideas running. Sedon and Susan may have done nothing visible but push the garage that no-one wants anymore, but they haven’t done too much actual damage to Ridgewood. Aronsohn’s puppets will just pick up where they left off. That means that they will promote even more outlandish development in town, and may revert to that huge garage when basically we don’t want any. Everyone who cares at all about Ridgewood, or who plans to live here a few more years MUST VOTE. If you can’t stomach voting for any of them, you still must vote. Otherwise Aronson’s people will be a shoe in as they will be the only ones to draw the voters. If you stay home, you choose the puppets because they will win by default. All you can do this time is to vote for the current council and then spend some time finding someone with the kind of knowledge we need to lead this town.

3 thoughts on “Reader says Aronsohn’s puppets will just pick up where they left off

  1. Agree, it may be a sad commentary and postion in which we find outselves, but you can see the Aronson / Pucciarelli tentacles seeking to reach in an alter Village life through these two puppet candiates. Its sad. But for some reason the former mayor and deputy mayor have exhbited and therefore must possess a complete disdain for the Village in its current form. Its not clear why. Its equally unclear why the two challengers want to take up their mantle, and perhaps that is something people with knowledge of the duo can weigh in on.

  2. What a new mess coming. It never stops.

  3. I agree. Better to have VC members that don’t hurt us rather than what the other 2 will do to hurt us like the Aronsohn Year’s ( tears ).

    I still have some faith in Susan mike and current council minus Voight,

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