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Reader says Ex Village Manager Has No Regard For Tax Payers

Habernickel Park Gate House

She is mean and nasty. She is self serving and does favors for friends

She ruined a neighborhood Park by allowing her friends business to go there. Made serious usage changes without consulting neighbors.

Healthbarn is a private for profit business owned by a NYC resident. Classmate of Roberta, friend to Nancy Bigos and Janet ( Roberta’s other friend)

Roberta had NO regard for tax payers…keep her out. Do not vote for anyone she supports. They will be as nasty and rude as she is and the 3 amigos.

If these candidates get in watch out your quiet neighborhood could host a nursery school in the Home next door, a camp all summer long and holidays even a massage parlor. Who knows. Laws get changed if Roberta and the 3 amigos have a buddy that needs a place to run a business and maybe they will disguise it as a partnership with Ridgewood ( yet Ridgewood does not get ANY of the profits) all Ridgewood gets is below market rent!! That is a tenant/ landlord relationship NOT a partnership!!

Beware it could happen to anyone!!!!

One thought on “Reader says Ex Village Manager Has No Regard For Tax Payers

  1. It’s well-established that Stacy Antine is a friend of Roberta Sonenfeld. Sonenfeld did a favor for her friend Antine. It’s inconceivable that a business is renting a space that size for $3,700 per month.

    ANTINE – get out of this residential neighborhood and relocation your business where it belongs (in the Central Business District).

    SONENFELD – report to prison for using taxpayer funds to do a favor for your friend.

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