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Reader says , “I prefer to judge everyone on their merits and nothing more”

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“The “damn” history books are written by left-leaning Marxist professors who take every opportunity to sow racial division and present only “data” and “facts” that suit their narrative. I know. I worked in the industry for years. Authors are resistant to suggestions (or outright refuse) to include alternative points of view. They indoctrinate. They want to alter the course of this country. More recently, standardized tests (such as the SATs and AP exams) have been changed to test for different facts and events in history so that they coincide with the need to teach the agenda presented in the texts. For example, AP history exams are slowly but surely scrubbing or minimizing questions on Western Civilizations like ancient Greece and Rome so they are covered less in class since teachers naturally focus on what is needed to score well on the test. It’s insidious and it’s happening.

I prefer to judge everyone on their merits and nothing more. I’m not the least bit upset that blacks in the NBA are overrepresented given their % of the overall population. Whoever can do a job better gets the job. Let’s all stop being victims.”

3 thoughts on “Reader says , “I prefer to judge everyone on their merits and nothing more”

  1. Judge not lest thee be judged.

  2. Sometimes that works. But the problem is we have so many ass kissers, people kissing up to the boss brown nosing is disgusting. They know who they are. Hypocrites

  3. Go To the Website
    See what BLM is REALLY all about.
    What a bunch of stupid white people supporting a radical organization that wants to promote blacks and destroy whites.
    this is not equality.
    this is not a good organization.

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