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Reader says , “I’m working from home and have noticed some very inconsiderate behavior from *some* dog owners”


Given the coronavirus quarantine, I’m working from home and have noticed some very inconsiderate behavior from *some* dog owners.

Case in point: the other day, a woman and her young son allowed their large dog to urinate and poop on our front yard (for which I pay thousands of dollars each season to professionally maintain and landscape). So, what is a concerned citizen to do?”

“I opened the door and said “excuse me ma’am, no dogs on the lawn please…. please use the side walk *across the street* or the street for that purpose. Thank you.”

She was embarrassed and clumsily replied “…oh, sorry” (note: I doubt she was really sorry). She then proceeded to pick up her dog’s solid waste, as is required by Ridgewood code. Unfortunately, she didn’t clean *all* of it with that thin green bag and left a disgusting mess in my yard. Next time I see her, I am going to request that she pick up the residual waste WITH HER BARE HANDS if necessary.

Am I being unreasonable? Absolutely not.

Dog waste is extremely damaging to lawn and landscaping. In the absence of rain water, urine causes the lawn to turn brown in those spots – either injuring it or causing it to die. When a dog picks a spot to relieve him/herself, it’s often a calling card to other dogs to choose the same area.

Also, my young children play on the lawn and should not be subjected to a dog’s urine and feces. That’s just disgusting.


12 thoughts on “Reader says , “I’m working from home and have noticed some very inconsiderate behavior from *some* dog owners”

  1. Note to property owner. Check your survey. You don’t own to the curb. The first 4 feet or so is town property and my dog can pee there and shit there. I do pick it up completely.

  2. Can you end a sentence with an adverb ?

  3. You sound like an irresponsible parent if you let your children play that close to the street.
    Use your back yard.

  4. Just remember as the other poster stated, that strip of grass at the curb line is open for dogs. Asking a dog to go to the bathroom in the street is like asking you to use the sink.

  5. You need to relax

  6. Wow. Thousands on lawn care is the primary concern in these times? Yikes.

  7. If your so worried about your grass put up a fence

  8. You’d ask her to pick up residue with her hands? But much don’t you think? What do you do with deer, rabbit, mice , and squirrel droppings?

  9. bitter apple spray

  10. I’m the OP…

    To be clear:
    – the mess was *not* left on the curb
    – the mess was *not* left in the public “right of way” (the strip of grass that we don’t own; very well familiar with the survey)
    – the mess was on the part of the yard that *we own*
    – we don’t live on a main road and our kids are allowed to play in the back yard and (occasionally) the front yard… we’re very responsible, thank you very much for your concern
    – this is not the “primary concern” (obviously!), but it’s *a* concern (the primary concern is death)

    None of the posts above excuse the inconsiderate behavior by the dog owner. You, as a dog owner, may love your pooch and its waste. That’s your right and we respect that. We may like your dog, but definitely not his/her waste.

    Now that we’ve cleared that up…

    To those who might think it’s “no big deal” to have a pile of crap in your front yard, great. Please post your address in this forum. I will volunteer to walk as many dogs as possible and let them drop gallons of urine and excrete piles of crap in YOUR yard. Fair enough?!?

  11. Not unreasonable at all. I notice that many dog owners are complete aholes. Their dog is the center of the universe and nothing they do is wrong. I love dogs especially large ones but I don’t own one exactly because I do not want to deal with their sh!t. If you bring your dog out for a walk you cannot step on my or any lawns as it is private property. If you or your dog shit on the curb clean it up. It’s a matter of hygiene and respect to the village and neighbors.
    Many thanks to those who leash their dogs and pull them towards the curb for pooping and then meticulously clean up.

  12. I agree with Eagle.

    Dog owners: do not allow your dogs to do their “business” on someone else’s property. It is a big deal (unsanitary, damages lawns, etc.). If you think that fido must have grass under his/her paws while doing its business, then use YOUR OWN LAWN!

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