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Reader says Please post on the blog blaming anyone who has displeasured me

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file photo by Boyd Loving , the Tenhove technique

Reader says Please post on the blog blaming anyone who has displeasured me

Alert Alert Alert. This is a message from you leader to all my apologist and reelect committee members.

It seems that some poster on The Ridgewood Bog are not as stupid as we had anticipated and are starting to catch on to what I and my colleagues are doing. Therefor I am asking you to use a tried and true method to distract them . This method has be used by our President many times with success. Please post on the blog blaming anyone who has displeasured me . You know who they are. If you are not sure just review the Council tapes. If all else fail I will contact THE END. I will follow this up with a robo call . You should alway use the term “Moving Forward” unless you want to go back and blame someone .

7 thoughts on “Reader says Please post on the blog blaming anyone who has displeasured me

  1. The Tenhove technique — most readers here wouldn’t know Mr. Tenhove are we going back to that mode of Village politics ? “Just blame somebody” approach — I hope not.

  2. Yea are already there with the 3 Amigos and their apologist. thats their mantra

  3. what a hypocrite #2, you do nothing on these pages but blame the current Council for every perceived ill because you have an axe to grind, get over yourself.

  4. Who should we blame the residents #3?

  5. Thats it apologist keep them coming. Only good P R for the 3 amigos. Maybe the Mayor should get over himself.

  6. #3 , no we only blame three members of the current council, and we only blame them for the shit they cause.

  7. Let’s see, no municipal tax hikes since 2012 versus the previous +5%~7% annual increases, a more responsive Village Hall and Village Manager, more communication with residents during storms and hurricanes, and an end to the status quo that existed before which included conflicts of interest (Ordinance 3066, a Village Manager who was also a Mayor of another Municipality, and Council members firm’s contracting with the Village), overly generous municipal contracts (i.e. +4% annual wage hikes for Public Safety vs 2% inflation rate over the past 5 years of CBAs negotiated during a near depression in 2009/10), and continued rejection of Valley’s over expansion plan. The Council still needs to repeal Ordinance 3066 which allows for applications to amend the Master Plan, reject all current amendment proposals before the Planning Board, withdraw from the NWBCD, and sell Ridgewood Water. New CBAs with flat salaries for the next five years, and higher health care and pension benefit contributions from our municipal employees will help, and might serve as a blue print for the BoE to pursue a similar reduction in the rate of growth in their budget.

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