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Reader says Ridgewood Teachers Kids and Parents Hostage

Ridgewood EA teachers protest
Our teachers are behaving disgracefully. And, you know if and when a K is reached they will argue for retroactive raises for the period of time they have been working without one. Yes, it is to their advantage to continue this way and hold the HS kids/parents as hostage. Really wish they would all move on if they are so unhappy.

Hint to all the seniors looking for letters: go visit your bosses, intern employers, faith leaders, volunteer leaders. They speak more about your true character than these union hacks. I always write letters of recommendation for friends, associates, employees, etc. because I’ve see the subject in action – not just in theory

One thought on “Reader says Ridgewood Teachers Kids and Parents Hostage

  1. I sincerely hope our Board of Education can remain strong against these union boss Thugs. ( I hate to say it because many teachers don’t want to picket and would be happy to sign what is offered. Their top officers have nothing better to do than prove how superior they are to other leaders and would gladly use “Sticks and stones” since it appears “names will never hurt our RBA.”) And students, you will get better recommendations from people who actually know you than a teacher who has lots of students.

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