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Reader says , “The developers know that if they don’t get what they want, the ‘mt laurel’ nonsense is used as a ‘builders remedy’ “

“We are screwed in NJ due to a few things. The developers know that if they don’t get what they want, the ‘mt laurel’ nonsense is used as a ‘builders remedy’ and they simply toss in the minimum number of affordable housing units and get exponentially more ‘market rate’ units that would have been allowed under the permitted zoning. I have zero respect for our former council members, but depending on whether the developer gives a crap about town, it could be worse. I am not in favor of ANY of these new monstrosities and would have preferred something more within the existing character of the Village.”

“Either way, we are screwed. More NYC liberals with their attitudes, which piss off the long time residents , whether empty nesters, or never used the schools. If you force out these people who do not use the schools, they will sell, and each and every bedroom will contain a school aged child, putting further financial pressure on the schools as enrollment increases. There has always been a historic turnover, as the financially weak move out as soon as their kids graduate RHS. Now that trend will be accellerated. I have not met ONE long time resident who said ‘yay we have apartments, I want to move there after i sell my home and downsize’. NOT ONE. Without exception, they choose to move to a lower tax state, with less nanny government. Knowing that the state of NJ is out to pick their pockets by forcing those who don’t use the schools to subsidize the new families utilizing them, and knowing that the school boards bend over to union demands, they realize that their fixed income is not going to keep up with rising property taxes to feed the unions, so they do the smart thing and sell. As other posters have stated, Ridgewood is still a magnet for the NYC families. We are still regarded as having good schools (despite that reputation being earned years ago, and not maintained) So keep an eye on the horizon, and when the property taxes accellerate, you’ll see an exodus of old timers who subsidize the newbies, and the taxes WILL rise exponentially. Be careful what you wish for.”

4 thoughts on “Reader says , “The developers know that if they don’t get what they want, the ‘mt laurel’ nonsense is used as a ‘builders remedy’ “

  1. Well said. I lived in NJ all my life, in 07450 since 1969.
    I’d like to stay but on a fixed income, the property taxes eat up more of my disposable $$.
    The choice becomes financial, and once I sell, there are 5 more bedrooms full of kids to put pressure on the schools.
    Unless there is a property tax freeze for the school portion of the taxes, the state just chases out residents, along with their disposable income.
    But you cant explain that to the state legislature, which is controlled by morons from the higher population shit-hole big cites that run this state…into the ground.

  2. That’s why people are selling and moving out.

  3. No one is listening. sad

  4. Realtor Pols love the Churn and
    New sports fields etc

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