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Reader says , “There are a lot of closet Republicans among us”

“There are a lot of closet Republicans among us. I am one. I have to sit and listen to my colleagues and friends rant on about Russia and various other anti-Trump MSM talking points. I see their social media posts. They are obsessed. They think I am one of them. I’m not. I really like them as people, but the obsession with Trump has pushed me to limit at times. Remember Rudy Guiliani and his 2 terms as Mayor. It’s incredible that he got elected when everyone in NYC told their friends they voted for Dinkins/Messinger. Obviously not. People tell friends and pollsters lies. What they do behind the curtain is between them and their bank account.”

11 thoughts on “Reader says , “There are a lot of closet Republicans among us”

  1. So many hypocrites, and the stupid liberals.

  2. Why are they in the closet? Are they embarrassed about something/someone

  3. They are closet because their friends and neighbors are very confident that a liberal view is the only view… and they think it’s impolite to tell otherwise. I share the sentiment. Why argue with the neighbors over something that’s personal to you and none of their business?

  4. People are scared to voice your opinion. It’s just amazing.

  5. It has nothing to do with being scared. These are relatively new times. It used to be considered impolite to discuss religion or politics. Nowadays, to even identify yourself as a Republican, particularly in the age of Trump, you would be ostracized by friends who are otherwise lovely people. Better to just go along with their rants with the occasional head nod and look for opportunities to change the subject.

  6. I think the Democrats are just as frustrated with their candidate as they are with ours. See any Biden signs lately?

  7. It is crazy that Biden is their presumptive nominee. They know very well that he is a super-gaffe waiting to happen which is why they are doing their absolute best to keep him on script and will use Covid to maximum effect to keep him away from speaking. The plan is clearly “anyone is better than Trump”.

  8. Dems had 3.5 years to find a warm body.

    They failed.

  9. I have never met a republican ashamed to shout his or her opinions from the rooftops, anywhere in Bergen county. This is some farcical-ass shit on this blog and just shows how much of a bunch of “woe is me”-crying ninnies Republicans have become. Republicans win constantly – Biden as the presumptive nominee for the Dems is basically another win. Fuck – even Biden *as president* would be a win for conservative ideology – still in bed with business, so that there will always be a way for the capitalists to come out on top and exploit labor (trickle down, my ass). Constant compromise that will water down any meaningful progressive agenda item. Even health care will stagnate and probably allow the conservative courts are to chip away at the carcass of Obamacare.

  10. Has anybody reminded Joe Biden he is running for President?

  11. Here’s what I don’t get about my liberal friends and neighbors. They all live the capitalist life. They have CPAs to ensure that they pay the lowest tax possible. Many have second homes. They send their kids to private colleges. With the rare exception or two, their friends are white. Many work in the financial sector. And yes, they are clearly in that top 1 percent of the world’s wealthy population. They might talk the talk but they definitely walk the walk.

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