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Reader says , “This downtown is not my downtown anymore”

“I passed by Broad St last night. The garage is HUGE. This garage reminds me of the monsters they have built in Yonkers and other areas in Westchester County. Even half the size would have been more than sufficient. The apartment complex is more than huge. Ugly sh!t all around. And it is just a start. They should rename Broad St to Broad Ave.
This downtown is not my downtown anymore. I will stay out of it.”

15 thoughts on “Reader says , “This downtown is not my downtown anymore”

  1. What a waste of money. Do you know how long it’s going to take to pay this off. And on top of it what about all the maintenance. That could’ve been a parking lot at the first floor, the second floor could’ve been community Center for residence with a small police annex. In the third-floor could’ve been something else. Well if it doesn’t work out as a parking lot you could always close the walls up , Make it into half parking and half office Space

  2. There was no reason to build this. They could’ve just reconstructed the parking lot.
    Take a look at Walnut Street parking lot it’s a disgrace.
    And then take a look at the park-and-ride on 17 it looks like A war zone. That place is a disgrace. I don’t even park my car there anymore.

  3. Yes there was a reason to build it. So they can have their name on a bronze plaque so everyone can see

  4. Waaaah- all you professional complainers need personal boxes of tissues… Get with the times… if you want successful businesses and a thriving economic city. Ridgewood has always had the coolest town around- not GR, not FL not HHK ~ none of them compare to Ridgewood.
    The pkg garage is simply a modern solution in modern times.
    But, keep on complaining and whining…and MOVE AWAY.

  5. Replying to the idiotic comment about moving away. That’s just the point. Residents who moved to Ridgewood for the small-town feel and great schools pay a price. It’s called property taxes and incredibly high home prices. These residents work hard to get here and live here.
    Having affordable housing shoved down our throats because of “privilege” is the biggest con of all time. The ones making money are the lawyers and developers. I want to live in Alpine and send my kids to private school. But I can’t. That’s life, but don’t tell me to move if I don’t like it. I worked my ass off to get here and If I wanted to live in high-density housing areas, I would have moved to Park Ridge.

  6. Isn’t Lionsgate developing a movie studio in that area and it sinscheduled to start soon? Seems to me they will be expecting more people coming to the area.

  7. When I moved 20 years ago used to be beautiful and clean .naw I see garbage on the street at the park too .many stores closing .peopel going aur of tawn they goo to the mall there is free parking
    They chace people and put tichets.they don’t care is all about money is horrible.

  8. B-o-o-h-o-o. It’s not my town, I don’t want a garage, Waaaaahhhh!

  9. The whole town will feel the stench of the garage. Indeed it has started. Late last night I drove by TD Bank on North Maple to use the ATM. I couldn’t get in. The ATM area inside the bank was occupied by a couple of black homeless people and all their stinking stuff. It brought tears to my eyes. Finally we’re catching up with Paterson or NYC. The sh!thole transformation has started. Exciting. NOT.

  10. I hope you reported that situation to the Police and at least give them a chance to do something. If you had called when it happened they would have been immediately booted out as they were on private property illegally.

  11. Yeah, if the police booted them out they could settle camp on my street right around the corner or right on Maple. Nah, better have them stay inside. Bank should take care of their own property. They have cameras and should report to police whoever allowed them inside. But then again we sooner or later will get used to seeing homeless around our homes. The is the new modern “inclusive” RW.

  12. Maybe the nay sayers should have made their feelings felt during the 60 years of meetings and discussions that it took to build a parking garage.

  13. Maybe the nay sayers should have made their feelings felt during the 60 years of meetings and discussions that it took to build a parking garage.

    1. apparently you have not been paying much attention the last 15 years

  14. This Council is to bland fur the deplorable state of our CBD. They clearly don’t care.

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