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Reader says time to end Mayor’s Monthly Column in the Ridgewood News


Reader says time to end Mayor’s Monthly Column in the Ridgewood News

Seriously, whether you like our mayor or don’t, Boyd has a very good point. Why should the newspaper provide a forum for Mayor Aronsohn to highlight the accomplishments while ignoring the major problems? This is a non-partisan government, so there cannot be an official reply from those opposed to the leader’s views on things. But we do know that at least one letter in which Mayor Aronsohn was not being portrayed favorably was squelched by the newspaper…….and this was due to the mayor himself interfering.

I wish the Mayor would man-up and address all the issues that have been controversial and have not been resolved. For example……what ever happened to the Graydon Ramp? For example…….what is the resolution on the Christie fundraiser (even The Record wrote an editorial blasting the council’s attendance at this event). For example…..why was a personnel matter (Mr. Riche) discussed in open session when there is a strict policy that individuals are to be discussed in closed session? Lines of people jumped up to protest his actions on this, yet no apology or explanation ever came from him. I am betting that the Hope Street poles will be the same thing, never any official follow-up from him because the outcome is not good.

He sweeps controversy under the carpet and we never get a final report on these matters. The Mayor’s Column in the newspaper enables him to continue to do this, by painting a rosy picture with absolutely no space allocated to controversies and problems.


4 thoughts on “Reader says time to end Mayor’s Monthly Column in the Ridgewood News

  1. “Reader Says” start to most stories here is misleading—

    What it means is “Editor James says” and that makes it an editorial. And ‘this reader’ (me) does not trust it as interpretation of what I believe.

  2. agree with #1 — the “Reader Says” line is misleading

  3. Just don’t read it. I never do.

  4. I disagree. The “reader says” items are comments made under a different story that the editor of the blog deems important enough to pull out as a stand-alone, inviting further comments. Sometimes they don’t even make a lot of sense out of context.

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