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Reader says , “To not buy the Elks would be shortsighted “


Ridgewood Water is well managed and they are responding to unfunded mandates. Did you not tune in and note that for the past few years they have run the water company well below their own projections and below the operating expenses of similar public and private water companies? The presentation should be online. There is a well directly next to the house on Goffle so my guess is the need the space for additional pumping or treatment. Buying the Elks and moving the Water staff of Village Hall out gives the RPD the office space they need in Village Hall. It also will consolidate water staff for better efficiency and oversight. Buying up the property directly next to the municipal complex, regardless of the future occupants, makes sense in my opinion. It will address any future needs that arise. To not buy it would be shortsighted; I hate additional spending (I am vehemently opposed to the mega-garage) but these purchases make sense.

7 thoughts on “Reader says , “To not buy the Elks would be shortsighted “

  1. The VoR already owns too much real estate. (ie, sweetheart deal for business in a residential neighborhood – on a farm, no less, ‘historic’ home that’s falling apart while the sports cabal is cutting it up for fields – ON A MAJOR HIGHWAY) We don’t even have enough money due to mis-spending to clean up leaves before the first snow of the season. Superintendent wants to bond tens of millions for cool new stuff while the classrooms go to hell. A library that looks to harken back to the Sunset Boulevard days. We’re in a financial ditch and it’s time to stop digging. The current VC is looking more like the three amigos every day.

  2. Who ever said anything about the RPD? If this is the case why is Mrs Knudsen involved?

  3. If the town did not buy it, we could be looking at condos, a cul-de-sac, or a Valley Emergi-Center at that treacherous spot. Let’s be grateful that that won’t happen. The town should buy EVERY available piece of real estate because there is so little left.

  4. The Ridgewood water company . Every employee who works for the water company should only be involved with the water company. And that excludes all employees management too. No management from the Ridgewood water company should be involved with anything and I mean any day to day operations or anything else involving any other municipality involvement at all. As a attorney I’ve been seening management checkers, meaning that one day to Another , the water management is in charge of other duties which they are not Allowed bythe lAw. Well the village of Ridgewood water department will not have any dairy dealings with other Municipality departments whatsoever. We believe the mayor and council are on board with us too. if not they will be brought up on charges again.

  5. That’s been a known fact from a few years ago , yes that’s all true original police department will move into the water Office space. That’s been a known fact from a few years ago old news

  6. I know in the past I’ve seen Ridgewood water trucks plowing snow. Do we still utilize them. Thank you .

  7. Yes you a right. I don’t think they’re allowed to use the water company anymore for snowplowing. So the big question is who paid for the snow plows on the water department trucks. And if they’re not being utilized by the water department who is utilizing the snowplows. Is the village using contractors anymore.

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