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Reader says What happened to peace and quiet? You can’t even just sit on a park bench any more without acres of concrete?

Village of Ridgewood

Park is SMALL. Stop filling everything up. A stage when not in use (i.e., 99% of the time) would co-opt open space. We need more of it, not less. Everybody seems to think their kids are future Broadway stars. Get with the program–amateur performances are for the performers. Noise in the middle of town would just drive people away. What happened to peace and quiet? You can’t even just sit on a park bench any more without acres of concrete? Even sitting in the dark on a summer night is nice. No need for Klieg lights. How about Strobes?

16 thoughts on “Reader says What happened to peace and quiet? You can’t even just sit on a park bench any more without acres of concrete?

  1. I agree completely. I said so at town meeting, one of the last meetings with the old council. I said we should treasure the oasis of calm at Van Neste in the midst of the the hustle and bustle of the busy business section. It is great to sit there at night without lights on a summer night. Why turn it into a mini Times Square?

    Look, Paul Vagianos, I just don’t enjoy the food at your restaurant. Maybe others don’t that much either. Why do you have to try to ruin the town for selfish reasons? Maybe you should open up a branch in another town or move away altogether. Leave my town alone. I love it the way it is. Listen to that song: Don’t go changin, I love you just the way you are. Think of the way Ridgewood is now. Don’t be a selfish pig. Is pig served at your restaurant?

  2. 8:34am: First of all, it’s not your town, and if you think Van Neste is an oasis of calm, you’re living in a time warp. Ridgewood has become a small city and don’t even think about blaming past councils, boards or the chamber. The residents of the village have collectively allowed this to happen as its median set of values is now drastically different than it was 30 years ago.

  3. 10:04- What is your definition of “small city ?”

  4. “median set of values” what is that? Translate: Do you mean, crowded , noisey, Hobokeny, Times Square, For me , I have lived here about 40 years, it still has that oh so wonderful small village feel and charm quality, and listen when I sit my old ass in Van Neste which I do often, it is quiet, an oasis of peace and charm coupled with natural beauty, trees, plants, grass and past citizen nostalgia (bricks, monuments) amidst the hustle and bustle of the downtown. Let’s keep the downtown no more developed than what it is. It is a really small space, so villagey and quaint. Don’t stuff it.

    This is what I experience at Van Neste Park. Peace, calm , tranquility, beauty. I want to keep it that way.

    And when I say it is MY TOWN, I am speaking POETICALLY, Of course it is OUR TOWN. I am trying to express my love and appreciation for what Ridgewood has and what I want to preserve. I am sorry you don’t understand. Take literature 101

  5. I am 12:15 p.m. and first commentator. I was just at Van Neste,12:30 on Friday, a veritable slice of heaven, with people on benches quietly eating what looked like bagged lunches., some people just sitting and looking, walkers along the path, some dressed as workers, others as exercisers. Super peaceful and beautiful and calm, with even a working bubbler, water fountain, that is all that is needed in the way of water. Ni big fountain, please. And please, no fences on Walnut. Why make it ugly. Does Vanianos and company envision alcohol fueled parties with loud metallica noise-muzac, going late into night, Does the village manager and company envision alcohol fueled events at Van Neste and drunken people falling off the edge. That makes me very angry. The field stone wall around the park on Walnut is all that is needed. Get rid of Roberta and her cronies already. Let those who love Ridgewood RULE.

  6. Don’t blame Paul Vaggianos for all the changes in town.

  7. Paul Vaggianos was the first to get up at the mic at a town council meeting a year or two ago and ask that Van Neste be changed to accommodate lighting at night and entertainment every weekend.

    Vaggianos said, “Let’s bring everyone together at Van Nest on the weekends.”

    I obviously remember that. I was very saddened by his suggestion. Paul Aronsohn as mayor at the time was very receptive. I spoke against the idea at council meetings. I tried. I love Van Neste as a quiet park as it is now, an oasis of calm and beauty midst the busy downtown. Very charming invention!! Let’s keep it that way. Paul Vaggianos was happy with the big garage at Hudson. I wasn’t and wrote and spoke against it from day one. Vaggianos is a business owner in town and has influence , I have no influence. I think it would be wonderful to preserve Ridgewood afor future generations to experience, no expansion, not more congested. A town with easy accessibility to the Big Apple but with a small town charming quality. And yes, Van Neste is a big part of that as it is right in the center of the CBD. It says something by virtue of letting people experience of oasis of natural beauty and quiet in the midst of the hustle and bustle of a busy but small and charming downtown. ( I love that oasis ……sentence I made up)

  8. 12 :15 is right. That Park especially on a spring ,fall or summer night is special .the height of the park itself creates kind of calm.Families and kids enjoying each other’s company playing running and enjoying some nature
    I’ve seen you nj adults sitting in the Grass.remember when …it’s called a summer night.A breeze and view on a hill.Dont butcher this to progress

  9. Allow more dogs, it’s National Dog Day. #nationaldogday, #dogs

  10. 6:42 is expressing the anti-development majority opinion – “I think it would be wonderful to preserve Ridgewood for future generations to experience, no expansion, not more congested”…. And again I ask, what is worth preserving about the toxic old Town Garage, Ken Smith Chevrolet, Brogan Cadillac, etc, etc? There has to be some renewal of the CBD of things not worth preserving, otherwise Ridgewood will continue its decline. Have you walked down East Ridgewood Ave by Van Neste recently? Lots of gold pawn shops. Have you looked at our school rankings? Not even top 30… in the state. 20 years ago we were top ranked… in the country. Just preserving the status quo – which is what the majority and the posters above want – is not working. And no, I am not a developer and have no interest or benefit from seeing redevelopment. I just want renewal of what’s failing in our CBD and our Village.

    1. wrong being against turning Ridgewood into Union city is far different than anti development

  11. James, you’re ignoring the facts. What is worth preserving of the old car dealers, old Town Garage and its toxic site, etc? What about all the empty shops and gold pawn shops? Why is this worth preserving? The majority rule wants to keep the status quo… which clearly isn’t working.

    1. So how exactly is destroying Van Nest square going to get rid of old car dealers,a toxic site, gold pawn shops and empty stores ? This maybe your problem you keep wanting to fix things that are not broken yet you ignore all the things that need fixing ? The solutions have to fit the problem .

  12. Destroying Van Nsste Square?

  13. Turning the place into concrete will not help the other problems. It will make them worse. We have to preserve what we can of what makes this place special and ignore those who insist that wasting millions on stupid projects will fix anything.

  14. It’s called getting back to basics. Fix what’s broke before you start new projects. Not complicated, just common sense.

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