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Reader says “Youth Led March” was a Leftist-organized exploitation of poorly-informed kids to stifle reasoned, fact-based debate

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You make simple arguments designed to hide the fact that 1) the NRA is a lobby group which gets its funds from its millions of law-abiding CITIZEN members (who vote accordingly), not a corporate treasury or union dues forcibly extracted from workers and 2) we already had in place all the laws necessary to have prevented Parkland, but the local and Federal government blew it badly in about a dozen different ways. The “March to Consolidate Coercive Power in the Hands of the Corrupt, Incompetent and Apathetic” was a Leftist-organized exploitation of poorly-informed kids to stifle reasoned, fact-based debate on this topic. They noticably excluded Andrew Pollack and Parkland students who deviated from the anti-gun myopia and shamefully used children to bash the NRA, Trump (but not Sheriff Israel) and register voters for Democrat demagogues who use crisis to further their agenda and quite frankly, can’t wait for the next shooting to occur.




16 thoughts on “Reader says “Youth Led March” was a Leftist-organized exploitation of poorly-informed kids to stifle reasoned, fact-based debate

  1. During Saturday’s student march for gun control, Parkland shooting survivor Delany Tarr made clear that she and other gun controllers plan to parlay a bump stock ban into numerous other gun controls. 
    Tarr spoke to the crowd and Think Progress quoted her saying, “When they give us that inch, that bump stock ban, we will take a mile.” 
    Tarr’s statement exposes the threat to freedom tied to the bump stock ban from day one. After all, bump stocks do not convert semiautomatic firearms into automatic ones, so banning them as if they do opens the door to banning numerous other devices that do not convert the actions of semiautomatic either. 
    Former ATF gun tech chief Rick Vasquez sounded this alarm in January when he warned that a bump stock will lead to other bans. 
    He told the Military Arms Channel, “So ATF’s been directed to write a regulation with the strength of a law.” He said the advance notice copy of the new rule makes clear that the ATF’s new regulation will ban “any device that automatically resets a firearm and enhances the rate of fire.” He added, “They are trying to target binary triggers, [bump stock] devices, and other devices, but that is such broad language, can I take that to a Gatling gun? …So now you start stretching this [new] definition, and who is going to decide what the [standard] rate of fire is?” In other words, Vasquez is saying a this new ban simply opens the door to “stretching” the language to cover other devices, as the ruling class sees fit.
    (Excerpt) Read more at …

  2. Wow – time to give Fox News a rest and watch some Gillian’s Island reruns.

  3. Breitbart? Is quoting the Natural News next?

  4. Spoke like a true Snowflake 5:38

  5. Natural News has already been cited in another post. This is absolutely disgraceful. Shame on you people.

  6. It’s funny to watch people so uncomfortable because kids are actually ahead of the curve and trying to make a difference. If you have a problem with them wanting to March for the THEIR lives then you’re the problem not them.

  7. Guns isn’t their problem, liberal indoctrination is.. Each of these kids should take a ride to Broad and Market in Newark and feel the great safe space there. A land where illegal guns are rampant and cops dont care and are too busy to respond.

    Id rather have a means to protect myself thanks. Doesn’t Chicago have some of the tightest guns laws in the land? Hows that working out? 91 killed to date in 2018. No protest? And why not?

  8. Its funny to watch people so clueless and anti-gun that they promote and support kids who are concerned yet woefully misinformed and misled by years of social and educational indoctrination. If you think that children pushed by ideological anti-gun adults to march will do ANYTHING to save or secure THEIR lives, then you’re the problem, not those who are trying to advance ideas that will actually protect children.

  9. 9:38 is on the money.

    Liberal indoctrination is the problem of our age.

  10. 853, the ‘kids’ have been co-opted by the progressives because their minds can be most manipulated. If their parents took away their cellphones for some sort of punishment, they’d say their 1st amendment rights were being violated.

  11. If we want to have a debate about the 2nd amendment then fine, let’s have a debate about it for the next six months. But in the meantime, TODAY, let’s secure the schools. We know how. I would sleep better TONIGHT knowing that we have done all we could to protect our children TODAY. Why won’t the anti-gun left agree that it’s important to protect our children the best way we know how to TODAY?

  12. “Why won’t the anti-gun left agree that it’s important to protect our children the best way we know how to TODAY?”
    Because as a goal, protecting the children pales in comparison to the nakedly political priorities: 1) Damaging the NRA, 2) Putting gun owners on their collective backs, and 3) Reversing or overturning the current Supreme Court jurisprudence that has it that the second amendment was instituted to protect the right of a citizen to keep and bear arms as an individual rather than as part of an organized group subject to at least some kind of government control (i.e., militia).

  13. A public school today acts more like a prison and even uses prison terms “lockdown” “lockin”. This is nothing more than mass-hysteria by definition. Knee-jerk reasons to protect from a remote possibility. And guess what, it will do nothing to stop a knife attack, chair attack or whatever means a person can use to kill another.

    I think this is an excuse to limit your liberty and rid the public of a means to defend themselves from a future government that suppresses its public. Read a history book to learn more or fly to South Africa and live it today.

    Keep reading the washington post or watch CNN my fellow meat with eyes.

  14. Spoke like a true redneck 6:32. smh

  15. If and when a security threat arises and a given high school goes into “lockdown” or “shelter in place”, how would the school react if a given student used that opportunity to walk out of the classroom with a few classmates and protest inadequate school security?

  16. In a synod this year, the Catholic Church is asking Catholic “youth” what changes they want. Utter foolishness.

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