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Reader says,”The look and feel of suburban towns is being destroyed”

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“It’s depressing. Unfortunately when residents who lived here for decades leave, their houses are bought by NYC families who never experienced the quaint village feeling before. So they don’t even know it and they’re fine with a city feel and look as long as they have a gazillion rooms and a small yard. They bring their mindset with them and turn the whole place into a cold and unfriendly environment with their big city attitude. To add, they’re also the biggest supporters of feel good causes but they’re fine with cutting their yard trees so they won’t have to deal with leaves or they will b!tch and m0an about blue laws cuz they can’t shop on sundays. They’re fine with large buildings around them because they’re used to them. Nobody will protest when Valley site turns into an apartment complex. The look and feel of suburban towns is being destroyed by this generation who also has a herd mentality when it comes to local or national politics. Those of us who wanted a pleasing, quaint, quiet and friendly place to raise our family are the real victims. We are stuck here until we can retire. Every nice area is being exploited and used and abused to extreme.”

19 thoughts on “Reader says,”The look and feel of suburban towns is being destroyed”

  1. Park Ridge is on the top of the list..!!

  2. We sold up and got out last year. Ridgewood has been hijacked and the majority of people weren’t paying attention while it was going on.

  3. As prices go up suburban areas will be farther from the city.

  4. Ridgewood has always had stuck up assholes living there, so it was never friendly. Seems like “NYC families” is a code phrase for minorities you racist. Guess you want it to go back to the old days of being full of WASPs.

    1. Joe Blow ,bigot much?

  5. Many of the towns and their lifestyles are being destroyed. People are lulled into sleep and their eyes glaze over even when they are pointed in the right direction. They refuse to accept they are being manipulated or deceived.

    Agenda21 has been out there for a while but people have forgotten the impact A21 wants to make upon living conditions, their family and lifestyles.

    Now the approach is it be wrapped up in a neat pretty bow call it ‘sustainable’ and many jump on the bandwagon because they want to be on the climate change platform and save the earth….but they don’t have the whole picture. The uninformed calling those who discuss it as having conspiracy theories or wearing ‘tinfoil’ hats to diminish the person discussing it. All subject should be able to withstand the weight of discussion and shutting people down because they discuss issues you don’t agree with is really conversation bullying. Don’t be bullied into shutting down your brain. Think about subject issues. Sure, sometimes people may go overboard but very often there is truth to be discovered, there are issues to be scrutinized. You may reject it all, but at least you will have thought about it.

  6. Aww you’re stuck in your $750,000+ Ridgewood house. I feel so bad for you. You got it tough. Hope your “NYC Families” don’t down your precious home value. Maybe you could burn a cross on their lawn so you can get things back to the “good ol’ days”.

    1. joe you are the only bigot on here and are clueless as to Ridgewood history and bergen county history

  7. 7 votes…

    Keith lost by 7 votes.

    None of this would’ve happened if people turned off NetFlix and voted for Keith during that election so many years ago.

    We have met the enemy and it us.

    1. African Americans lived in Ridgewood far before 1990 ,including several NY Yankees, Elston Howard, Roy White , Chris Chablis,and the disco sensation Evelyn Champaign King to name a few, quoting the Community Relations Advisory Board of Ridgewood and Glen Rock is disgusting, the Village has disconnected it self form that group for some time.

  8. Joe Blow is a perfect name for the schmuck.

  9. joe if thats all you got i suggest you finish grammar school and read a few books , More African Americans lived in Ridgewood in the 60’s,70’s and 80’s than now and it used to be a nice place before all the progressive bigots moved into town and ruined it .

    1. the Community Relations Advisory Board of Ridgewood and Glen Rock is populated buy the most hateful bigots in the area , one of its outstanding members went an anti Catholic rant in the last council election that was used as campaign literature.

  10. Let’s not forget Jordan Sparks is from Ridgewood.

  11. Joe Blow… an ninformed idiot wo s never been in Ridgewood.

  12. “NYC families” is a code phrase for minorities “
    It’s “code” for:
    Rich White Liberal Ass-Wipe.

  13. Joe Blow. do you spit or swallow. McGreevy wants to know

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