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Reader suggests its time for “compulsory military service”

photo by Boyd Loving

“These kids are an embarrassment to themselves, our town and their parents.

So tired of these whiney teenage brats. Relatives of mine in Israel have always told me that terrible leftist politics and values as well and the lack of compulsory military service would lead to the inevitable rot and deterioration of American youths. Alas, they have a point.”

3 thoughts on “Reader suggests its time for “compulsory military service”

  1. Yes please. I can’t think of a better program to embed patriotism and sense of belonging in youth disconnected by TikTok and Instagram. It could be military-ran, but cover medical, engineering and park ranger activities.

  2. These kids are as American and as patriotic as anyone. More so than you. This is a shameful blog entry.

  3. they HATE America!

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