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Readers debate downtown menorah display for Ridgewood


Readers debate downtown menorah display for Ridgewood

A creche would obviously be allowed given this decision. The Supreme Court has clearly said that you can display religious symbols on public property provided you allow all groups that want to display a symbol to do so.

Personally, I would prefer none on public property but obviously if there are any then all have to be welcomed. And in this case there is a 50 foot spruce tree that no one wants to give up so I don’t see any other realistic course of action.

If you watched the meeting DEPUTY MAYOR ALBERT PUCCIARELL AKA BIG AL THE DEVELOPERS FRIEND referred to these thing as “pagan symbols ” I guess his is the only true religion

The Christmas Tree is just a part of the celebration of a tradition that we have here in America. It is a lot of fun, unfortunately the secular tradition uses the name of a Christian event. Santa is not a part of the story of birth of Jesus.

The creche would be a religious celebration of Christmas. I am Catholic but I never like to see the two merged together.We should keep all the religious traditions of the season off public property. I enjoy the decorations at Mt Carmel. I do not want to see it placed next to the tree.

We need a Festivus pole for the rest of us! (Any word from Tracey, the unofficial witch of Ridgewood on what wiccan symbol may be used for the Winter solstice?)

How about a statue of Budda or Vishnu or what ever else there is? All this pc crap is nonsense….

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7 thoughts on “Readers debate downtown menorah display for Ridgewood

  1. Can we put all f our religious dispays in one place – perhaps Van Neste?

  2. Why have any at all, you want religion go to church , temple or where ever but leave it off public property.

  3. Why does it even bother anyone? Political Correctness has gone completely off the rails to the detriment of us all.

  4. Can we have an atheist banner there as well?

  5. The absence of any religious display is an atheist banner
    …which flies every day of the year in all public places.

  6. So #5 — you want more religious displays everywhere, right? Including a Muslim display in downtown Ridgewood?

    How about Buddhism, Hinduism and Wiccan displays as well? We can have them all over town.

    After all, you seem to have a problem with the “absence of any religious displays”.

  7. #6 Nice try.

    Sure bring it on.

    I’ll have much less of a problem with it than a anti-Muslim, anti-Buddhist, anti-hindi anti-Wiccan, anti-Christian like you.

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