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Recent Village Visitor Says,”It turned out to be an expensive breakfast”

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ a recent visitor to the Village had this to say about the central business district on Facebook, “Things are tough enough for businesses with a governor who shuts everything down – We have a home in Florida with a governor who knows how to keep business open or at least moves toward reopening. NJ is ridiculous. We go to Village of Ridgewood to support local restaurants. Roads are closed – good to see accommodation yet Ridgewood squeezes $8,000 a weekend out or restaurants to use the street. We see a parking area in poorly marked lots and my wife sees spots open – went too far and turned around to park. Parked wrong way in the lot. I got out and paid the machine. After breakfast we came back to find a $55 parking ticked for parking the wrong way. It turned out to be an expensive breakfast. Well played Ridgewood – parking is messed up with streets closed, so why be so aggressive with enforcement? This is not a time for screwing with people with over zealous enforcement. We can afford the ticket and will pay it. Many people are hurting and can’t. But we will not be back to Ridgewood anytime soon. I feel bad for the business and the mess they’re dealing with but if the Village treats the customers like this, unfortunately the businesses suffer until they force change. This experience and the difference how things are done in Tampa Bay Area of Florida and the state in general shows why people are voting with their feet and leaving NJ and NY.”

17 thoughts on “Recent Village Visitor Says,”It turned out to be an expensive breakfast”

  1. We have a governor who his following science. He is concerned about the people of this state. Florida is open and look at the numbers your governor doesn’t really care he’s just letting people die. God help us I am a retired nurse and my heart breaks for the nurses and doctors and respiratory therapists and all the other hospital workers whose lives are endangered by this stupidity

    1. testing positive does not = death , the flu has a higher death rate

  2. Kids need to resume school. What they hell do you think they’re all doing now? They are all hanging out with each other. Preventing schools from reopening is a mixture of teachers who are loving the long vacation and Democrats who are using Covid as an election argument.

  3. Stay in Florida, please!

  4. I just got back to NJ from six months in florida
    Never so happy to be back
    Here the numbers are low
    The governor follows the data
    Florida is a disaster
    Masks are not being worn
    Fights in public over not wearing them
    A local restaurant proudly telling me we are massless
    My sympathy is with the doctors and nurses who have to put their life on the line to care for these irresponsible people
    The governor wants schools open with these horrible numbers
    When I arrived home I said thank God I’m back in NJ i

  5. Taxes and ticket revenue feeding the Bureaucrats who haven’t lost personal income throughout this whole pandemic.
    Charging restaurants for using the streets – when the only other option is to go bankrupt. Horrible and yes this is why business and residents are leaving – it was an exodus to red states prior to Covid –

  6. The parking fiasco is on this Village council… why such aggressive enforcement when we need people returning to our CBD? We’re scaring people away!

  7. CDC recommends we return to school this fall for all these reasons:

  8. Follow the scientists. We understand we need to open everything up but we need to be careful too. Everything can be open but just limit the size. Of people in all locations. That’s all

  9. We deserve to fail

    That cant back in shit assault on visitors is a an outrage

    What do the restaurant owners have to say outside of fact they are soonto be homeless after they board up their
    Stores and Restaurants

  10. REA Yanny: It would be helpful to share the more recent CDC-issued guidance (, which of course is a more tempered endorsement of the “back to school” messaging from late-July, considering the outbreaks that occurred throughout the country in school districts in areas thought to be safe.

    But whatever suits the narrative for you…

  11. Hey, one teacher can instruct thousands remotely. Bye bye if you don’t want to work. 👋

  12. need teachers on their Breaks to Write Parking Tickets for any asinine Village Visitors who come to spend money in the Village and dare to Violate back in Parking Violations…its fun and exercise as well

  13. I just got back to NJ from six months in florida
    Never so miserable to be back
    Here the hysteria is high
    The governor manipulates the data
    Florida is a delight
    Masks are not being worn
    Celebrations in public over not wearing them
    A local restaurant proudly telling me we are massless
    My sympathy is with the doctors and nurses who have to put up with all the politicians making their life miserable while trying to care for these irrational people
    The governor wants schools open because he truely values children’s education
    When I arrived home I said My God what insanity, I must be back in NJ i

  14. I believe they repealed that no back in parking ordinance several years ago. Which lot were you parked in? Was it a straight in space or a diagonal space? If I were you I’d fight that ticket.

  15. Anthony, that CDC guidance on the importance of returning to school was updated July 23, 2020. Please keep up!

  16. REA Yanny, to paraphrase from My Cousin Vinny, do the laws of time cease to exist in your online presence? The link I shared is from August 2020 – i.e. this month, in the year of our Lord 2020, as opposed to July in that same year, which is when your link was from and also happens to be from a month that — and you are not going to believe this — occurred prior to this current month.

    But what do I know – I’m just trying to keep up.

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