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Ridgewood Arts Council seeks official status



Ridgewood Arts Council seeks official status

APRIL 2, 2014    LAST UPDATED: WEDNESDAY, APRIL 2, 2014, 5:13 PM

The village will consider creating an official body dedicated to the support of the arts, as Ridgewood has done for purposes of promoting citizens’ safety, environmental awareness and financial management, among other areas critical to residents.

The Ridgewood Arts Council has acted in a de facto capacity since it re-launched in November 2012, and its members are appealing to the village’s governing body to make it the sanctioned organization for the arts, according to Deputy Mayor Albert Pucciarelli, who has been working with group leaders for the past 15 months. The arts council is currently a division of the Ridgewood Guild.

“What we would like to do now is make the [arts] council an official body of the village government,” Pucciarelli said at a Ridgewood Council meeting last month, adding that the designation would give the group a higher profile and aid in its access to parks and other public venues.

Pucciarelli proposed that membership on the arts council, like other village committees, would come via annual Ridgewood Council appointment. The appointments of board chairman and vice chairman would be voted on by the arts council.

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6 thoughts on “Ridgewood Arts Council seeks official status

  1. “adding that the designation would give the group a higher profile and aid in its access to parks and other public venues.”

    Does it also mean access to public money????????

  2. And then they will want a building at taxpayers expense. Remember what our Mayor said when he wanted to get re elected . Well folks its pay back time. Spend, spend on their pet project but the roads and parks are going to hell.

  3. Taken from the Ridgewood News.

    “This is not my area of expertise, but there is just so much talent in Ridgewood that it just makes sense. [A performing arts center] is something that would fit in really nicely into this town,” Aronsohn said. “And in terms of attracting outside talent, it would seem to be something we can do. It just seems like a win-win. We won’t know unless we try.”

  4. I’d rather see money spent on an arts center instead of another overpriced sports field.

  5. I’d rather see money NOT spent. My taxes are high enough already.

  6. Bad idea. Should not be a government entity.

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